HP Pavilion Slimline Dual Core Media Center PC

hahaha that’s the PC i’m on right now…

Thank goodness!!!

I’m gonna go for a snipe, this could be awhile.

YES! :smiley:

Will this work with my iPhony?

Ew. New… Circa 2005.


decent? YES, amazing? no

OddCosine is my hero

i need a boc…NOW!

relax it’s done

HP Pavilion Slimline Dual Core Media Center PC
$389.99 + $5 shipping

1 HP S3320F Athlon 64 X2 5200+, 2GB DDR, 500GB SATA, DL Lightscribe DVDRW, ATSC Tuner, Vista Home Prem

GO NOW! This is the time to go buy the gf her cinn. rolls!!!

that was quick :slight_smile:

Be warned… Slimline desktops are made from a lot of laptop parts, often have cooling issues and are just generally a lot less reliable than full-size desktops. Not just HPs…ALL brands of such!

will this work with my mac?

i bought this last woot off, if you’re looking for a gaming pc, save your cash. the power supply on this thing is weak which strictly limits your upgrading options. you’re pretty much stuck with 2gbs of ram and maybe a 1gb gddr3 graphics card if you’re lucky. any higher than that and you can potentially create problems. the psu is a 200-240W.


No wonder it sold out fast…

Can I load Windows 98 SE on this??

This went off fast…