HP Pavilion Slimline PC with Blu-ray

Ooooh…I just realized that I could conceivably get my 10,000th post during THIS w00t-off…

It would help if you people would liven up and find a sense of humor! :stuck_out_tongue:

Give a girl a break!

The second toughest decision he’s ever had to make…

I walk around the rice paper. Not that I come across it all that often.


Hehehe…you got a giggle out of me!

Oh snap, you’re on the no-fly list now. The CIA is watching everything you do. Shouldn’t have edited that image buddy!

Must be too early in Seattle…or too late…for Gatzby, so who’s modding right now?

Forget the CIA…worry about Homeland Security instead.

Well, maybe not the CIA, but the Hierarchy is watching you!

I have the G700 and I have to admit that I thought the free-spinning scroll wheel was a gimmick. However, after using the mouse for many months now, I turn that thing on and off dozens if not hundreds of times a day. I don’t want another mouse without that feature. And the wireless on this mouse is flawless.

So what’s the Philosophy of Use for this machine? HTPC? A good home pc for 95% of the 1st world population? Photo + video editing?

Like I said…Homeland Security…exercise your rights while they last…meanwhile, look at those head bumps…WAY hawt, hahahahahaha!

I’ve been using the MX518 for about a year and a half now, it’s without a doubt the best mouse I’ve ever used. I wasn’t sure about the button placements at first but now that I’m used to it, I can’t imagine using anything else :slight_smile:

Buy it for Dad…just in time for Father’s Day. He’ll be so impressed!

I’m hoping there will be a sense of humor up after this PC. If so, in for 3.

Dude, I just woke up…gimme a chance to get rolling.

Or as a bonus for mom for Mother’s day. She’ll give me preemptive forgiveness for whatever naughtiness I get into this summer.

But seriously, how good iz zis machine?

Not sure about THIS one, but I bought a refurbbed HP last summer just so I could still print stuff, and it’s great! No problems and no modifications were necessary.

I’ve been debating on buying a g500 - to replace my aging mx-500…

I think I’m going to break down and buy one now.

But maybe… I’ll wait til after the woot off, because if I buy it now, it’ll be the next item.

Cool. It’s good to hear that these have a decent chance of lasting for a while. A year anyway. I was thinking of buying a New 5770t with an i3 3.1ghz, 750GB HD, 4BG RAM for $500 for office-work, photo editing, HD video editing, but if this will do the same thing I may jump on the Woot.