HP Pavilion Triple-Core Notebook with 15.6” BrightView LED & Blu-ray

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HP Pavilion Triple-Core Notebook with 15.6" BrightView LED & Blu-ray
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Video resolution is a bit low…

Anyone know if the graphics are upgradeable?

$400 for a blu-ray laptop…what’s the catch woot?
Is it just an HP touchpad with a keyboard stuck on it?
Is it really green-rays and ham
I refuse woot-I-am

64 bit ?

Passmark rates the processor at almost 1900. They only have 24 samples to go by but that should still be a pretty accurate score. Its on par with laptops of this price lately.

Overall there have been better value per price/performance overall laptops on woot! lately. Not a terrible deal, but I would wait for a better one if time isn’t a concern.

Its a laptop lower end notebook. No.

A question: are triple core processors chips that started life as quad cores and had one not work right? Or do they start life as triple cores?

That’s what the man said.

Anyone know what the battery life on this is like?
It looks like a great deal.(aside from the low warranty)

Thanks-missed it

I had a pavilion with an AMD in it and man did it die hard. It overheats like crazy and the surface becomes a frying pan after a while. Don’t mess around with the optical drive either, it breaks off easily and the laser becomes faulty after a while.

Still the price is pretty good.

I can’t say for sure but with six cell, I would expect about 4-5 hours.

Skimming reviews I found a couple of caveats for potential buyers:

“Complaints: the mouse pad is awful. Its taken me awhile to get used to it. Its awkward and it takes effort to use it. The majority of the time I do dock, so its not an issue for work stuff. Battery life is the pits, which I expected…so I figured I’d just buy an extended life battery from HP, no big deal (I have purchased them for my old laptop). Yes, it apparently IS a big deal. HP is completely sold out of the 9 cells. So I figured, Ill just buy another adaptor for my living room, well guess what, HP is sold out of those too. Thankfully I was able to find a geniune HP 9cell from a trusted vendor my company uses. Watch your model # when buying parts- this is NOT just a dv6 , its a dv6-3000 series, and in HPs infinite wisdom not all DV6 series computers fit the same batteries/chargers.”

HP 15.6" Resolution: 1366 x 768 $400
Apple 15" 1440 by 900 (native) $1800

15-inch Technical Specifications

Another quibble, this uses Windows 7 Home (NOT PREMIUM)

It’s a quad core with one disabled, cheaper than having a separate product line. On the plus side that means less heat and power consumption.

It says in the descrip:
“Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit”

Support page:


including manuals on a subpage:


and the walmart reviews:

and froogled edit: although it comes up with no other prices on the computer itself other than walmart, but shows replacement part prices including batteries/ac adapters.

Me and the girl just bought a $7xx 15.6" HP laptop last night…

This one isn’t quite as nice, but we might’ve agreed it was worth the money saved.

Why Woot, whyyyyy.