HP Photo Paper Bundle II


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Knew that video card would sell out pretty quick. More tech items would be nice. How about A deal on a flat panel monitor??

Not exactly tech… but a great deal on photo paper :slight_smile:

www.whatsyourdeal.com … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.




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HP Photo Paper Bundle II
You’re gonna go get the papers, get the papers
[size=18:0656b0e293][color=red:0656b0e293]$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling[/color][/size:0656b0e293]
All is not well in the house of Woot! We all remember the ugliness that ensued the last time we offered one of these paper bundles. Some of you took certain liberties in your criticisms on the forums, while we accidentally sent out some bundles that were a pack or two on the light side. Let’s just say mistakes were made on both sides. Instead of playing the blame game, we’ve decided to atone with this new, improved paper bundle. You shall atone by buying it. Thus will we be reconciled, and harmony shall reign o’er the land, and dogs and cats shall live together in peace, aside from the occasional row over whose turn it is to clean the refrigerator.

Once again it’s all HP, all the time for this package, but frankly this selection makes the last one look like something you’d find crumpled in the corner of a gas station restroom. You get some 600 shipping labels, enough to label one ominous, threatening letter to each member of Congress, plus all of the New England Patriots. You get 100 sheets of matte inkjet paper and 200 sheets of high gloss laser paper, since variety is the spice of desktop publishing. You get 120 sheets of glossy photo paper – take that, you bloodsuckers at Olan Mills! And you’ll be the proud owner of 40 linen white half-fold greeting cards, just in time for the busy Memorial Day mailing season.

Finally, just to show you we ain’t such a bad egg, enjoy a mystery bonus paper pack on us. Now, we’re not officially saying these papers are actually $100 bills, or uncut sheets of 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie cards, or pages from an unpublished Hemingway manuscript. But if you choose to believe that they might be, we’ll all be one step closer to putting this dark episode behind us.


2 Packs of HP linen greeting cards white half fold

* Q1788A
* 20 cards and envelops
* Linen cards for an elegant approach to personal greetings
* HP Greeting Card Linen White Half Fold (20 Sheets each- 40 total)

1 Pack of HP Glossy Photo Paper

* Q2548A
* 120 sheets
* Glossy photo paper with an instant-dry finish
* HP Glossy Photo Paper, 8.5×11 (120 Sheets)

1 Pack of HP shipping labels, white

* Q2594A
* 100 sheets (6 labels to a sheet)
* for inkjet and laser jet printers
* HP Shipping Labels, 3 1/3×4 (100 Sheets of 6 labels- 600 labels total)

1 Pack of HP photo-quality Inkjet paper

* C7007A
* 100 sheets
* two-sided, matte finish
* HP Photo Quality Inkjet Paper- Matte, 8.5×11 (100 Sheets)

1 Pack of HP high gloss laser paper

* Q2419A
* 200 sheets
* high gloss finish for brilliant images on brochures, proposals, presentations
* HP High Gloss Laser Paper, 8.5×11 (200 Sheets)

1 Pack of Mystery Bonus Pack

* you’ll have to buy it to see it…




yay… Can we have computer stuff now…? I want the projector!!! Sell them again!


Boring!! :roll:


More Paper!!!


I would love computer parts and mods.

For example: Fans, Lights, WaterCooling, etc.



for you Michael B. more paper…WTF


I don’t want a box of crappy paper, I want a Bag-O-Crap! BOC!


mystery pack isn’t enticing enough for me to bite


I am not spam and the only papers I need are ZigZag


Good deal on the paper, i use this myself.
grab it before its gone wooters



:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



See ya!


first page, paper sucks, thats why we have pcs


Not my choice


booo…who wants paper this sucks
:x :roll:

first page! :smiley:



Paper woot!

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