HP Photosmart 2610 All-in-One


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Page 1: catch22713 says “Smurf that.”
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Page 3: bubbaflamm hates fluffy kittens
Page 4: the secret location of the Fortress of Wootitude, revealed!


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HP Photosmart 2610 All-in-One $149.99 + $5 shipping

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Oh my gosh. This is better than any old BOC!
I just don’t need another printer right now.
If I was going to get a printer, you bet you last Budweiser this would be the one!


interesting but no thanks


another fabulous refurbed woot!


a printer, dell gives them for free


This printer seems like it would be good for printing pictures of fruit. What do you think?


woot first page but jsut got a new printer :frowning:


This message will contain no information relevent to the product.

Nice Woot1


yay for the printers…oh and I made it to 3000!!

I’m such a whore


Oh wow…i was dying to print the picture i took of all the fruit i had lying around.


Dont need one


Um - I have a one. what now?

They are more expensive Refurbished - LOL



Woot! Too bad I don’t need one!

Alas, another day’s waiting to get my next fix…


Not a bad AIO


How about a nice Hawaaiian BOC?


Not tonight … waiting for a B.O.C.


Too bad I already have a fairly new printer. :frowning:


Got 4 inkjets already, but good Woot!