HP Photosmart 3210 All in One Printer, Copier and Scanner

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HP Photosmart 3210 All in One Printer, Copier and Scanner
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP Photosmart 3210 All in One Printer, Copier, Scanner Q5843AR#ABA

2fer’s are great… but this woot! tonite is better… check useful linkage for the comparison engine links… solid woot… definitely… don’t matter that its a refurbie… so don’t trip on your way to the checkout stand youngins.

already have a printer, not a bad deal though

Got a similar model from Best Buy for the same price, no thanks woot!

Nice Soprano’s reference!

Do I see Journey?

HP printer quality has gone downhill the past few years. I’d stick with Cannon or another quality brand.

Who’s gonna buy this piece of shit? The stupid thing prints the pictures upside down!!!

Was just lookin’ at an OfficeJet 5610 4-in-1 at OfficeMax for the same price.

Not a Journey I’d like to take…

Screenplay by Chavid Dase.

got a Epson that does the same thing. Woot.

this is what we paid for a new HP printer, copier, scanner and fax all in one. It wasn’t even a refurb!

Anyone else scared that it prints out the pictures upside down?

Print professional-quality 4-by-6-inch photos at home for as little as 24 cents per print


I can get the waterproof stain resistant super dooper Kodak machines prints for less than that at my local Wal-Mart. I have a nice HP printer. I am slightly in want of this one though.

If this doesn’t sell out by morning I’ll probably pick one up. I’ve never owned a printer made by someone other than HP that lasted for more than a year. I also love the 5850 I bought awhile ago off of woot.

Oh no they didn’t! An HP 3-1 for 99 dollas! Holla!

But seriously, no thanks.

#1 It’s an HP . #2 It retails for $367.00 #3 It’s from woot… All you need to know to make this purchase. IT prints wonderfully, and even more It’s barely any wait time for the scanning option.

Or print them at costco for 19 cents a print lol…