HP Photosmart 335 Compact Photo Printer

Oh thank god, a printer to go with all my speakers and mice!

Nice! I’ve always wanted a printer!

I like woot…lotz

I give up, I shall sleep. This is more miserable than the thought of standing in line for a product no one actually wants to keep(PS3).

Woot! Woot-off-maimer. Let this last for six hours so I can get some much-needed sleep!!!

Mmmmm … printers should only be free now a days, eff paying for em!

Boy they didn’t have any downtime getting this crap up eh…

woot killzorz!!!

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Definitely off to bed now… no bag of crap for me =[
How sad it is…

Five more hours of work left…go to bed, all you sleepy heads! Mwahahahahaha!!!

This is a fantastic printer. No, really. It does great 4x6 prints, almost as good as my dot matrix printer…

As others have said, no Bottle of Codeine… time for sleep. Good luck all.

Next Woot - a toaster.


Too bad I keep all my photos digital and share them with friends by giving them CDs.

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YES! Now you can print out pictures of the speakers and mice and it will be like you have even more useless crap!

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its all ajax!

and its nice and small so you can just have the window off to the site while you do whatever