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HP PhotoSmart 735XI 3.2MP Digital Camera with Dock
Wazzup, dock?
$99.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Obviously, if you’re reading this, we know you own a computer. The public library isn’t open at midnight, and even if you hide in the bathroom past closing time so you can browse those Scarlett Johansson picture sites without it showing up in a Department of Homeland Security investigation someday, you have to know their stupid password to get online. (Don’t bother entering “password,” “user,” “library,” or “jhsjdfky” – we tried those already.)

But God forbid, what if something happened to your nearest and dearest? What if, in her mad scramble to claw her way out the window and away from the pitiless flames consuming your home, your old lady selfishly toppled your PC to the floor and rendered it inoperable? And what if some creepy Changing Lanes-type stuff had gone down and your credit cards and bank account were mysteriously tapped dry? What then, huh? How would you organize and print your digital photos then, smart guy?

If you own this (and a printer, not included), you’ll be cranking out the digipics before the twisted remnants of your living room have stopped smoldering. Not only does this bundle include a stone righteous 3.2 MP Hewlett-Packard digital camera with all the features you crave – optical zoom, burst picture mode, video & audio capability, manual overrides for adding creative touches, and lots more, bub – it also comes with a handy docking station that (when used with select HP printers) eliminates the need for a computer to print out your pictures. If you don’t have an HP printer that supports computerless printing, don’t sweat it. This little bugger can still be used to recharge your camera when you’re using rechargeable batteries (not included), and you’ll never have to get tangled up in loose cables again. You can even plug the docking station into a TV and blow your relatives away with your self-proclaimed artistic photography skills.

Buy this package to go along with one of the compatable HP printers, and you’ll never have to worry about being computerless again. Of course, you’d still have to figure out how to write with a pen again, and how to express yourself without emoticons, and how to do math, and how to read a newspaper – but your precious digital pictures wouldn’t be affected. And isn’t that what matters most?


* Product Description – HP PhotoSmart 735xi – digital camera
* Dimensions (WxDxH) – 4.1 in x 1.8 in x 2.8 in
* Weight – 8.3 oz
* Supported Flash Memory – MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
* Sensor Resolution – 3.2 Megapixel
* Shooting Modes – Frame movie mode
* Lens Aperture – F/2.6-4.9
* Focus Adjustment – Automatic
* Min Focus Range – 15.7 in
* Focal Length – 5.8 mm – 17.4 mm
* Optical Zoom – 3 x
* Digital Zoom – 5 x
* Camera Flash – Built-in flash
* Red Eye Reduction – Yes
* Microphone – Microphone – built-in – electret condenser – mono
* Viewfinder – Optical – real-image zoom
* Display – LCD display – TFT active matrix – 1.5” – color
* Supported Battery – 2 x AA ( included )
* Condition - Refurbished
* Manufacturer Warranty – 90 Day Warranty

Technical Specs:

* Optical Sensor Type – CCD
* Total Pixels – 3,340,000 pixels
* Effective Sensor Resolution – 3,240,000 pixels
* Optical Sensor Size – 1/2.7”
* Light Sensitivity – ISO 100, ISO 400, ISO 200
* Digital Zoom – 5 x
* Shooting Modes – Frame movie mode
* Shooting Programs – Landscape, portrait mode, night mode, action
* Special Effects – Saturation, Contrast compensation
* Max Shutter Speed – 1/2000 sec
* Min Shutter Speed – 15 sec
* Exposure Modes – Program, automatic, aperture-priority
* Exposure Compensation – 2 EV range, in 1/2 EV steps
* White Balance – Automatic, presets
* Status LCD Display – Frame counter, battery condition, program, flash mode
* Digital Video Format – MJPEG
* Still Image Format – JPEG
* Remote Control – Remote control – infrared
* Flash Memory – Flash – integrated (soldered memory – 16 MB )
* Supported Flash Memory – MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
* Image Storage – Super-fine JPEG 2080 x 1542 : 11 – with 16MB built-in memory Fine JPEG 2080 x 1542 : 17 – with 16MB built-in memory Normal JPEG 2080 x 1542 : 114 – with 16MB built-in memory
* Camera Flash – Built-in flash
* Flash Modes – Fill-in mode, night mode, auto mode, flash OFF mode
* Red Eye Reduction – Yes
* Type – Zoom lens – 5.8 mm – 17.4 mm – f/2.6-4.9
* Focal Length – 5.8 mm – 17.4 mm
* Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera – 38 – 114mm
* Focus Adjustment – Automatic
* Auto Focus – TTL contrast detection
* Min Focus Range – 15.7 in
* Macro Focus Range – 10-50cm
* Lens Aperture – F/2.6-4.9
* Optical Zoom – 3 x
* Zoom Adjustment – Motorized drive
* Lens Manufacturer – Pentax
* Features – Built-in lens shield, aspherical lens
* Self Timer – Yes, 10 second
* Additional Features – Audio recording, multi-picture burst, direct print
* Viewfinder Type – Optical – real-image zoom
* Field Coverage – 83%
* Type – LCD display – TFT active matrix – 1.5” – color
* Display Form Factor – Built-in
* Type – Microphone – built-in
* Microphone Technology – Electret condenser
* Microphone Operation Mode – Mono
* Connector Type – 1 x USB 1 x DC power input
* Expansion Slot(s) – 1 x SD Memory Card
* Software – Drivers & Utilities, HP Photo Imaging
* Operating System Support – MS Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, Apple Mac OS 9.1 or later, OS X 10.1.5 or later
* Cables Included – USB cable A/V cable
* Included Accessories – Docking station, hand strap, rechargeable battery kit, docking station insert
* Power Device – Power adapter – external


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That’s all the activity on there and I haven’t received any package at all yet! Here’s the tracking number for anyone to check it out: 698277058604. I am very frustrated now because I’ve sent numerous e-mails to service@woot.com and I have received absolutely no reply. I can consider this a donation to Woot because it’s really only $6 but I will not do the same for the DVD Player I just ordered on 2/10/05 and they just charged me for on 2/12/05! Here’s my order number for the BOC: 10101828. Could someone from Woot please sort this out for me?! Thanks.


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