HP Photosmart 8450 Photo Printer with Color LCD


Saturday, January 21, 2006


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Finally, we can print photos without the smirking from the photo clerk! Quality posts:

[]p1, zeso says, “i currently have two of these. they work great. i highly recomend them.”
]p1, pjohnston008 is a Froogle shopper.
[]p1, rogersjf provides the HP link.
]p1, MaStA819 reports problems with lines on his photos.
[]p1, makauff2 finds it on Amazon.
]p1, laccloith tells us the ink is good, but avoid using microdrives.
[]p2, bynionfl939 links to a PCMag review.
]p2, Listers had good things to say, having “Got one of these before.”
[]p2, dornjmd discusses refurbished products.
]p2, Deansentme breaks into song
[]p2, while drfranke and vipero07 just “break”.
]p3, pigsnfish prices HP ink replacements.
[]p3, pardonmedoug asks, “How well would this puppy suit my needs if I wanted to mostly print docs and maybe a photo every once in a great while?”
]p3, deek says this is “the best for pictures”.
[]p3, keenevision has had this printer for a year and shares random thoughts in a few posts.
]p3, tjanus has a warning for Mac users.
[]p4, mtd provides a review from Steve’s Digicams.
]p4, shepscrook disagrees with other owners of this printer, saying, “Canon wins hands down”.



The price for this item was $99.99


Sorry, but I will buy a Dell.


First time I’m up this late to see the new item of the day……sweet, I’m in for one !


Nice looking printer, but I’ve already got four.


GAh! an over priced printer!!! NOOOOO! 3 in a row woot, not lookin to hot…SELL A COUCH! PLEASE!


nice but i just bought a printer like 2 months ago


no funds, nice woot though


finally refurbished again


i currently have two of these. they work great. i highly recomend them. good price too!


wooot! i need a new printer!


refurbed HP no thanks


niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love that one!


$100 Refurb – YUK


For all of you that scored this
Inkjet peice of
Refurbished crap, you wasted your money.
Still, I think one might want to use one hour photo labs for pictures instead of
Taking time to print on a printer

Another night of
Going to bed with the
Exact amount of money I had in my account at 11:59.


It is a good photo printer, I have one. I’m not sure about the price. I bought mine on “Black Friday” and I paid the same price for a new 8450 at Staples.


HP Photosmart 8450 Photo Printer with Color LCD

  • $5 shipping


refurb junk…ack.

servers are getting hammered…


Must buy YES Woot!