HP Photosmart A510 Photo Printer



hmm… my dad wanted a photo printer… maybe if its not sold out later…



Maybe if it was the Kodak…

[waits for Monster Cables to come in]


HP Photosmart printers have worked great for me. Love the archival inks, but they are expensive to refill. Still this is a great deal. I paid nearly $100.00 more for my photosmart printer. (Different model, but they probably all print very similar.)


I own an older model and love it. If you haven’t tried one of these 4x6 printers, you gotta give it a shot. Nothing like taking a picture and holding the print within 60 seconds- instant gratification!


100-110 average price.


Good price, but old technology.


55 prints per $20+ cartridge:



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$49.99 + $5 shipping


Thirty six cents a page is cheaper than Wally world.


I also have an older model of this printer. It’s wonderful! Easy prints right from the memory card. This newer model should be a bit better with a better processing engine and virtually the same print mechanism. The print mechanism is basically “perfected”.

If you’re cheap like me, the HP 110 cart this one uses is easy to refill. You can refill the cart 3 to 5 times before it wears out. Make your “archival” prints with the factory fresh cart on the best paper, then refill the cart for more casual printing.

One refilled cart will last 100 or more prints, usually. The cart will hold about 2x more ink than it comes with new.

The best paper for “archival” printing with this printer, with any ink, is HP’s own “Premium Plus” or the exactly identical (except for the logo on the backside) Fuji Premium Plus. But this printer will print on any 4x6 cardstock, even index cards.

There’s not much cheaper photo printing than 1 cent of refill ink used on a 1 cent index card. And even those prints look pretty good for the price.

And yes- I can be very critical when something doesn’t work well.


I’m far more gentler than Monster Cables or a Kodak.


I’d probably get it if it weren’t for the fact I already own one. I like it though. Got it as a gift awhile back. It works well.


i’d recommend getting one of the HP printers that use the 02 ink. they are much cheaper when it comes to ink and you can get a multifunction printer if you want. the ink even comes with the 4x6 paper in the package if you get the right one.


I am a huge fan of these and they are terrific. Everything just works. But be careful of the software package - very bloaty. You can go to the website and download just drivers if you would prefer. Also, HP customer service for their printers is astonishingly good.


great woot…perfect Valentine’s day gift for the wife. thanks woot!


I agree with you. Definitely use driver’s only. Mine didn’t have the disc so I used drivers only to begin with but as a generality HP software is really bloatted


Damn itWoot!!! i didn’t get my printer.

they gave me a refund. first saying they ran out and then said it was because
i used my PO Box.

You hurtmy feelings for the last time! I was looking forward to my new printer!

you bastards=you sellouts


ok i finally got my printer. so scratch my previous post.

you still put me through hell , woot and i’ll never forget it.