HP Photosmart A616 Compact Photo Printer


Manufacturers website!( a cool little comparison between other brands)

heres a link over to Amazon!

The infamous Cnet review… 8.7 out of 10, not bad!

A PC world review…

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New HP Photosmart A616 Compact Photo Printer, for $54.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x HP Photosmart A616 Compact Photo Printer

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This is yesterday’s Woot.

Cheaper here


It’s new on Sellout though.

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your link=remanufactured

seriously, learn to read. I am sure you can find it even cheaper if it didnt work and you bought it out of a van down by the river from a crackhead that assured you it was given to him as a gift.

Made a mistake on the links tonight.

81 of 100 on AlaTest…

On a serious note, this is a 100 bucks cheaper than on froogle. Does anyone contest to the quality of the pictures??

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[QUOTE=timothyv, post:11, topic:181651]
On a serious note, this is a 100 bucks cheaper than on froogle. Does anyone contest to the quality of the pictures??

I have one of these and love it!! Great quality photos.
I’m considering this for a relativ.]

I have 2 older model HP photosmart photo printers and will probably buy this one as well. They are terrific. Very fast. easy to use and the quality is as good as the photo you give it. Pictures from my SLR look like actual photographs and ones from my cheap digital even look good. There is an optional battery pack that makes this thing usable anywhere. And it’s small. We carry ours in a medium / large size camcorder bag. It holds photo papers, extra inks and power supply.

Dork alert: My wife and I use these in autograph lines at sci-fi, etc. conventions. Take a shot, eject card, insert into printer, print it out while waiting for the star to sign and viola! They can sign a picture from minutes prior. We have had stars comment on our shots and have even asked us for duplicates of themselves. You can even resize, zoom, rotate, red-eye reduce right in the printer. It’s versatile enough that I have had no need to connect it to my PC.

I have one I use for scrap booking, it’s very small and extremely easy to use. (Great gift for your wives who do scrapbooking, guys!!) Great quality pictures, just takes a bit long for the ink to dry. I just purchased one for my mom who has a digital camera, but no computer. The “easy” factor for this printer is great for the senior set.

See this is the best thing to do when you have to wait for something to dry: run them early, while you’re getting something else ready, so they can dry. That way you don’t fuss with them as you wait.

how much is ink? can’t search easily cuz I’m on my phone.

Bought one for the girlfriend so that I don’t have to stand around for 2 hours at Wal Mart while she prints pictures of the latest birthday party.

Made her pay for it though - I find that she tends not to break the stuff she pays for.

Retail for the 110 printer cartridge is $19.99.

not to mention resellerrating of Six-Month Rating: 2.37 / 10 for buy.com