HP Photosmart A616 Compact Photo Printer

if u didnt get the last printer get 3 of these!!!

More printers… =\


models similar to these went for about $150 on black friday about 2 years ago


Seems like a good deal…buy it people!

I saw these same models for $200+ last christmas



they’re sweet. the picture quality is terrific. i think (correct me if im wrong) is uses hp 95 ink.

very fun to print 4 X 6’s and put them in your work space or in a frame or on your fridge.

from digital camera to print in seconds. no waiting for shutterfly what have you


Haha only 6 of them??

Darn a little to late to get this. Would have made a good xmas gift.

Price is right thats for sure, too bad I don’t need a printer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, is this the first item in the wootoff?