HP Photosmart C3140 All-In-One Printer

I have one of these. Its a great product. I reccomend that you buy one. It works perfectly, there are no errors whatsoever.

Once the frontpage is updated, everyone who is looking to buy a printer soon should buy one now.

good printer. i love mine becuae i got it for free from an apple mail in rebate, but its going to be worth it


I have this same model printer (mine’s green though) and I like it. Has that feature for editable text scanning and uses either two regular cartridges or just one photo cartridge. I paid $20 more, new, a few months ago. ETA: I was using the above poster’s price. This is actually half what I paid. w00t~!

According to Pricegrabber, this is like 1/2 of what they go for normally.

And it’s new, not a refurb…

I have a 3210 that I Wooted a few months ago. It’s been flawless, or I’d buy one of these.

And yes, the front page does say $49.95 +5 shipping.

how much is ink for this printer?

$46 on ebay including shipping and handling.
what kind of deal is this woot. common guys you can do better.

Does this copy without PC support?

Got a link or an item number? I can’t find it that cheap on eBay, that includes ink. I found one for $44.50 shipped for an open-box one with no ink included. But then again, does this price from Woot include ink?

HP Photosmart C3140 All-In-One Printer
$49.99 + $5 shipping

1 HP Photosmart C3140 All-In-One Printer

Yes, this printer can make copies without being connected to a computer. It can also print pictures from a digital media card.

I just had an HP model very similar to this one (1400) turn into a brick right in the middle of printing. HP customer service is poor, and the printer was always flaky. I will pass on HP for my next few printers… Thanks anyway, woot.

One that I found is not selling after being listed for four days, another with a starting bid of $39 with a buy-it-now of $55 plus $25 shipping.

Not a good item if you’re into flipping on eBay. But if you’re looking for a photo printer with decent quality, it’s a good Woot if you actually have a need for something like this.

The PSC 1400 series isn’t that similar. It’s a 3-year-old model line, which is a lifetime in relative terms…

I bought one of these a few months ago at Target (clearance $24.99) and am very pleased with it. The ink is expensive though. It does a pretty good job scanning, copying, and printing for the price. I liked it so much that I bought my father one also.

I’ve got a PSC 1200 that performs like a champ. Never had a lick of trouble with it. HP makes good printers, I don’t care what anyone says.

I agree. The few times I bought other than HP I ended up regretting it.

Average price I have found is $19.95 for the black and white cartridge, and about $25 for the color cartridge.

How is this different from the C3180?