HP Photosmart M517 5.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

see comparison site listings for the HP Photosmart Digital Camera on the blog… i tried to keep up with the woot-off, but 3 days was just tooo much… next time i’ll make it further… i promise… but for now, just enjoy the blog… peace.

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HP Photosmart M517 5.2 Megapixel Digital Camera
$89.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 HP Photosmart M517 5.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

review and pictures:


My HP was the best camera I ever owned.

post some product reviews, people!

medium camera good price

this might be ok for the inlaw

No HP camera is worth this much. Used to sell dig. cameras, and HP’s are like trying to sell jars full of air. The lenses are plastic, the LCD’s are terrible, and the picture quality sucks a nut.


HP Photosmart M417 5.2MP 21x Zoom Digital Camera
Review: N/A
Our Price: $162.95 List: $216.00

OK, I give. Who is Mario and why is it such a tragedy that he was voted off a Reality TV show? (And which reality TV show was it?)

Great camera, I’ve owned one for a long time. Only problems are the flash is only effective at close range, and no image stabilization. But other then that it has been a great camera and has taken some abuse and kept working.

PC Magazine review

and a bunch of Amazon.com reviews

Oh geeze… I’m having wootoff withdrawals. I keep imagining this will sell out quickly and something better (and cheaper) will be posted before 1AM tomorrow.

Anyway, this seems like a good deal. 5.2MP for 90 bucks? And it’s a good name. Hopefully it’s around in the morning so my fiancee can take a look at it since she wants a new camera.

blah, i want a pink camera

ebay link

136.50 on ebay +8 bucks shipping…

This HP M517 is still better than many other Kodak EasyShare cameras. Here are some photos taken with it.

ugly isn’t it

hp makes great printers… can’t we just all have one good talent

The price is right, but for $30 more you can find something much better.

Not a bad camera for a good price. But I better stick with my Nikon S3.
or you can check out amazon GB deal for a camera w printer, I think this one is much better