HP Photosmart M517 5.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

User reviews on dpreview.com are not particularly favorable.

Finally, woot is selling a decent camera with rechargeable batteries. I recommend this more than any other camera woot has offered.

6.0/10 on CNet

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Ditto on the woof off withdrawls!

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The reviews on this camera aren’t very good. Apparently is has a low battery life, lacks features, and is somewhat slow. However, it does take decent pictures.

There is some cheaper ones there, but still this is a good price for a NEW camera.

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Actually, if you search the completed ebay listings you can see that all but one have sold for less than the Woot price.

Woot n00b… Was that a long WootOff or what? Got in on three items. Might enjoy this pace a little better.

Like the Kodaks for usability. Better menus than the HPs in general.

A buddy has a 307 photosmart camera… Does anyone know where or if on the menu’s there is a place to set the shut off time? He’s trying to dl photos and the camera shuts down before the batch is finished.

He’s worked around it but it would be better to have the caemra stay on…

Thanks for help…

as i’ve said before,olympus ftw.

does it do video??

My HP printers print nice pics, but a camera? The reviews aren’t stellar, and the price is so-so. What more do you people want after the longest wootoff I’ve ever seen (were any longer)? Keep buying, woot on, you crazy wooters. Sleep now.

It does video, but there isn’t a microphone or speaker, so no sound.

Yeah, but most of those are USED.

I have had this exact model for over a year. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s best whenever there is enough light, or the flash can be used. But it always takes blurry shots without the flash, it takes a long time to save each picture, and it eats rechargeable batteries like you would not believe. It came with those e2 lithium AA’s or whatever, and those lasted nice and long, though. Oh yeah, and the software is horrible too. Much better price than I paid of course.

Hey guys, I’ve seen the site before, read the ‘what is woot?’ section and just signed up tonight. Seems like a kick @ss site here for all the impulse buyers : )

I was lookin at ‘the community’ page and was wondering, is this a woot off??.. just by looking at the times of the products under ‘the community’ seems so, but i’m a newb here, tired and could be wrong about this because maybe I missed something when reading

comments please!

I don’t remember since when I lost interest in Woot… OH… probably when I started noticing that the prices here are not that great ANYMORE.

A measely 10% or so discount over what I can find on other sites is Not giving me enough motivation to buy or even check on things here… and I used to be Very Religious about Woot… Sad…

wootoff is over dude…