HP PhotoSmart M525 6MP Digital Camera





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I agree


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8 of 10 on CNET

More Useful Useful Link… aka every digital camera you can find on Shopzilla that’s under $100… this woot is not much less than the comparison shopping links above… so tread lightly grasshoppers… hehe.


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HP PhotoSmart M525 6MP Digital Camera
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 HP PhotoSmart M525 6MP Digital Camera


this any good? i been in the market for a new camera


6mp for $100 is pretty sweet… Wonder if it’s any good…? No reviews at Amazon or Epinions…

Froogle found it at Page Computer for $115.81 + shipping – there was another link that claimed $96 + free shipping, but it was actually 96 UK Pounds


HP reliable, lets woot.


Oh my god. The Def Lepard reference is too much. Kudos. Or should I throw tomatoes?


rofl what DL song is that supposed to be a parody of?


Wait, so this thing is only 3 inches wide?


The camera I had before my current one was an HP. Image quality was decent, but it ate through batteries like a gourmand in a caviar eating contest. <_<


I dunno, the price is good, but the camera suffers badly from spotty autofocus software, and a really laggy shutter. Still, for a cheap snapshot camera, you can’t do better for the money, I suppose. Buy one for yer’ mum (if she doesn’t have one) for giftsmas.


How big of an SD card will it take?


Froogle link more to come


not the best camera, but close to the bottom. I have played with it before. If you NEED a camera that will take descent pictures, go for it, it’s a good price, but if you’re looking for features, it’s a no-go.


Why is an HP camera crap?


I gots me one. I was looking around Best Buy and Radio Shack, and couldn’t find anything 6mp (even open box) for this price.

Suck it down, high-end electronics retail stores!


Woot! Woot! Woot! First sucker again! Woot! Woot! Woot!