HP PhotoSmart Photo Printer and Premium Photo Paper Bundle



nah. .19 at the store for prints.


Nice, but is it a nice price?


And the first woot today is:

HP PhotoSmart Photo Printer & Premium Photo Paper Bundle
$79.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
1 HP PhotoSmart 325 Compact Photo Printer
1 HP Q1988A Premium Photo Paper, 4"x6", Glossy Finish, 20 Sheets

What do you mean, it’s the only woot today? How can that be? What are we going to do when it sells out?


I’ll tell y’all something…I got the photosmart 7760 from here arond Christmas, and that thing is one of the best I’ve ever been around. Rather large for my tiny shared apartment, but a great printer. I’d have to think that this would be perfect for any student, such as myself, living in a small space. And at this price, it won’t break the bank…we all know college kids are broke. Good job, Woot.


i have one very nice little printer happy woot,bought mine off wal mart .com as a refurb for 99.00 way better deal here,enjoy ,




selling for $45 in two places via froogle, but without the paper and stuff that woot so kindly supplies

i hate the printer woots…


Cheaper all over the web

Shop.com link

$54.31 + $8.00 shipping to my zip code.


wtf! amazon sells it for 50.


Canon is SOOO much better and SOOO worth it! I have one… it’s great!!!


LMTAO* @ that product description!!! :smiley:

We love you, woot dudes…in spite of all the toasters.



What’s the guy holding in his hand?


Great Printer, only thing is I have the full size one, Hoping for _ELL Speakers! Please send more speakers. Love them, need 3 more sets, One for work , one for the kid, and then of course the old lady…gotta love the old lady :wink:


HAHA - nice way to make fun of themselves with the whole toaster fiasco!!! Woot you guys rock. Thanks for getting my Saitek Keyboard and 6600 Video Card to me so fast. NEXT DAY!!!

BY THE WAY: Lowest price on ebay right now is $73 shipped. Add ten dollars more for the buy it now price.


Hilarious description wooties!!! Thanks for the fun and stay warm and safe off the ice…


I just want to give props to whoever wrote the product description for tonight. Very funny, thanks for making me smile. I am surprised and glad that Woot has not lost its edge or its ability to poke fun at itself, us wooters, or even the product up for sale. Rock on, Woot staff.


50 used

83 new (and no paper)


Im considering buying a few just because they are actually that good, I know people with them. What a gift to any new parent, right?


same price at TigerDirect…


shop.com and techforless are both refurbs this is new