HP Premium Plus 4 by 6 Photo Paper – 5 Pack



too bad my camera is like 2 mega pixels…lets see a camera on here =)


nice woot. but printer is broke and wife looks old =)


thats a really good deal, considering one pack costs about $8 at target.


t3h suck. costco photo paper ftw.


Before anyone asks, yes it will work with the recent woot printer.


does it come with the girl on the front of the package of paper?


Well, at least the paper isn’t refurbished.


Man, I hate waiting to go to bed when I see crap like this.
Put your images on a memory card or send them to Costco over the web.
Good night


Why 45 sheets per package?

Why not an evenbnumber like 50?

The world may never know…


This would be SOOOOO!!! much better if it were a refurb…especially if the previous owner was either the SI:Swimsuit models or Playboy.




I got this last time, worked pretty well


has anyone used this paper? Will it make my photos look like Ansel Adams’ Photos?


Great Price, Great Product. Excellent woot. I reccomend this for everyone!


Saw this woot not too long ago, but it does seem like a really, really, really great woot if you have a photo printer (or like rubbing glossy paper on your tushy).

BizRate… sorted lowest ($7) to highest… other paper sizes listed as well.

Nextag Link… not sorted… lowest $10… i think… this site is whack.

MSN Shopping… sorted lowest ($6) to highest… close, but really not that close.

Shopzilla… sorted lowest ($6.50) to highest… just take the woot already… geez

P.S. if anyone can beat Brazil in this world cup, i’ll give them $100. seriously. let me know.


Some results…
SecretPrices $14.99 (60 sheets)

See also mixed results on Froogle

Really good price (and useful) Woot! Who doesn’t need photo paper these days?


Thanks, I WAS wondering about that, as the “recent woot printer” is on it’s way to me right now!


Got these on the last go-around.

It took about 30 minutes to pull all the tabs off so I could put them in my canon photo printer.

The wife doesn’t like the perforated edge, but as far as I’m concerned, it makes not a bit of difference.

I think its a good woot.



It’s cheaper to take send it to Walgreen’s online…

1 hour photo…

Can’t beat that - no ink, no paper

Good stuff


hmmm… 4x6. Well if you do a lot of pics it’s cool. And since they’re only 4x6 a 2 megapixel camera would be overkill. It’s a workin’ woot!