HP Premium Plus 4x6 Photo Paper – 5 Pack



HP Premium Plus 4×6 Photo Paper – 5 Pack

  • $5 shippin



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Lowest price $6.47 X 5 = $32.35 GREAT DEAL WOOT!


This is an excellent price on photo paper!


boo. looks old


Too bad this is the 4x6 and not standard paper size. It’s a good price, and for the paper size I’d be all over it.

Unfortunately for what I need it for 4x6 just won’t work.



great deal… very limited consumer base


Wow. I’m sorry this happened to you. That really sucks. I would feel compelled to help, but it sounds too personal to me.


It’s already jumping.

And by the way, it shows: $24.95 in the description.

It would actually be $24.99


I know this product is most likely a good price but I still do not understand why people still feel the need to print off digital pictures on paper. Also why no BOC come woot I need my fix and I am like a cracked out Woot whore needin some junk.


Nice bit of BS in the text dept, however paper is not what I need. You can always put it in the BAG of CRAP.


about 11 cents a sheet is a DAMN good prices, but as luck would have it, no one in my demographic really cares about analogue pictures of digital quality

its just not fun


An odd woot. I’d rather just order a bunch of samples from HP, which I’ve done before. It’s an okay deal I guess. :wink:


uh, wtf is going on in the description?


LOVE the description!!!1


michelle kwan on the front?? nah cant be

i need a printer first - nite w00ters


I’ll pass.

$25/225 = 0.11 per print.

Walmart digital print = .12 per print.

And, you don’t pay for the ink.


Thank God it’s not refurbished!


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has a tab on it, but i suppose i could cut that off