HP Printers

Does any of these models use cheaper ink (per page) than the others? That’s going to be the deciding issue for me, especially since they come with part-filled cartridges good for 80 pages only.

The thing, this will be deciding factor for any printer. It’s not the device, it’s the cartridges that determine the expense. The devices themselves are almost a afterthought.

When the dimensions say a “maximum” and a general size of the item, what does “maximum” refer to? I can’t see how these would transform? ha

Are you referring to the physical dimensions near the end of the specs? I’m assuming there’s some little tray that flips out for manual feed. Maybe? Sounds good.

Non of these printers are meant for more than your occasional home printing. About 20-50 pages recommended printing per month. Ink cartridges are meant to give you at least a three month usage so at 20-50 pages per month these inks should last 3-6 months. HP printers do not come with tester or half full cartridges. They are actually standard size full inks. A printer that uses a two ink system will use about 10-15% of that ink for initial setup. The multi ink printers come with “setup” inks which are standard size inks with an extra 15% worth of ink for the setup so after initial setup your left with a full standard sized ink cartridges. Non of these printers are really better than the others as far as ink costs. If ink cost is a concern and you print a low volume, up to a maximum of 150 pages per month check out the HP Instant Ink program here; http://www8.hp.com/us/en/ads/instant-ink/overview.html
More than one of these printers works with this “netflix for ink” program. You pay for the amount you print lowering the cost up to 40% and you won’t have the need to visit an office supply store for ink.

They are all about the same as far as ink cost and cost per page. They are all meant for low volume printing about 20-50 pages per month. If you print more or want to save more money check out the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 series. Its an inkjet series that gives you laser printer yields at half the cost of toner. About $37 for a black ink cartridge that give you about 2300 pages. The printers on here will give you about 300 black pages for about $20. Its all based on how much you print. Remember if you go weeks without printing or continually turn your printer on and off you’ll waste ink by going though cleaning cycles and calibrations. HP suggests leaving printers on, letting them go into sleep mode and printing at least a page a week.

Actually, each of the listings states Note: Printers come with starter inks which should support approximately 80 pages.

We hate our “photodumb” with a passion! This is the worst printer we have ever owned and relish the opporunity to warn others since HP never bothers to get back to us with our IT issues. This printer has a mind of it’s own, kicks off line, tells you your ink is low when you just put a new one in. etc, etc, etc. I’ve unistalled/reinstalled/updated drivers countless times. The only reason we still have this is that we’re waiting on the ink run out then we’re going to go “office” on it (as in the movie) out in the midddle of big empty field, finish her off with a shotgun blast and then a pic to HP and see if they finally respond to that!

We bought this one from Woot and unfortunately I didn’t need it until all the ink in my old printer was used up. This took about 5 months. So, when I opened this one, it didn’t work, but I was out of my return period. Shame on me for not trying it out as soon as it was delivered. This is the ONLY thing I’ve ever bought from Woot that didn’t work properly, so maybe it was just a fluke.