HP Printers

Bought this printer the last time it was up a couple of months ago. Burned through the starter ink it comes with trying to get it to print properly. Never did. Cleaned print heads, calibrated, still printed looking like braille. Got a refund. Maybe it was just a lemon.

I purchased this the last time it was available (not too long ago). It was shipped in it’s retail packaging, with nothing securing the scanner lid or print head.

I wasn’t able to print anything, because “Printhead damaged. Contact hp for support.”

I contacted them and, despite the fact that I purchased it refurbished from woot!, they sent me a replacement.

Not surprisingly, the replacement was appropriately packed for shipping, along with tape, etc. securing the scanner lid, printhead, paper opening, etc.

It works just fine!

I don’t know where woot! gets these printers, but they obviously aren’t from hp!

just another PSA. I bought 3 of the $39 eAIO HPs. 2 were DOA, the 3rd took all three starter kits to get started, and then still some real ink. Not to mention some 3-4 hours tinkering, and with Woot/HP support.

Save yourself. Spend a few dollars more in this case and get something a bit better. The idea is there, HPs execution is not with this product, sorry to say. Buyer beware. :frowning:

I know it says it’s wireless printing, but does it even offer a usb connection option for those of us who can’t do wireless??

Yes they all have standard USB printer ports.

Cheap inkjet printers are like horses. They should pay you to take the thing off their hands. The initial cost of the printer is insignificant compared to what you spend on ink. Don’t look at what the printer costs, because it really doesn’t matter. Look at the printing cost per page. That’s what matters. Often more expensive models have a lower cost per page. In general, Epson and Canon inkjet printers have a better reputation than HP.

Does the wireless AIO Printer work with Windows Phone yet?

wow, thanks for the info! I’ll keep it in mind and keep looking.

I like Kodak AIO printers due to the cost of the Ink. Print as much as you want w/o worrying.

I bought one last time. Can’t set it up with out a windows or apple machine. I run linux. Now I have to wait until my son can bring a windows machine to set it up.

Boo hoo! Son! Call your mother!

Just as a note, from selling HP Printers at the local wal-mart, ensure they will work with your Windows 8 Machine.

Until recently, the printers we were selling at our store wouldn’t work on 8, and said so on the box.

I refuse to ever buy an hp printer again. Had 3 different types and none of them lasted more than a year.

Had the cheaper eAIO from a previous sale. It was stuck in French and wouldn’t recognize the special setup ink cartridges.
I asked Woot support if, despite them being refurbished by a third-party, they were still under warranty by HP. I didn’t get an answer to my question, but I did get a paid return-to-Woot sticker.

The printer itself I’m sure is great, but the third-party refurbisher doesn’t seem to be terribly reliable (A company named Microsystems?). It’s a decently good price for the printer. You may get a lemon, but for me, Woot support was quick to fix it. (Almost too quick, actually. I was hoping to have it fixed rather than returned, but I’m satisfied with how it turned out.)

I bought the 3520. Kept getting a carriage jam error/ ink error. I took out the cartridges, blew it out with canned air, and got rid of the carriage jam error, but it still wouldn’t print. I unplugged it, restarted and it said all ink was either low/depleted in the started cartridges. Went to Wally-world, picked up four new cartridges, and it configured and set-up right away, prints great, scans fast. It’s working with Windows XP. 7, 8.1 and 8.1 rt without any issues. I called Image Microsystems and they’re sending four new cartridges. I believe Image Microsystems refurb process on these involved making sure the box was taped up. All in all, not a bad $40.00 device.


purchased this a month ago, have not been able to get it to work.

The printer window shows “Use SETUP cartridges that came with your printer”

no setup cartridges came with the printer and the black ink cartridge shows up as empty under the computer software.(which was stated to come with the product)

it states in the deal, 90 day hp warranty

but the hp support site, which gets the serial number, says not under warrantly

i entered a ticket anyway and the instructions couldn’t be followed because the config menu was not the same as what they were telling me to do. tried again. no response.

very frustrated. i have put too much time into this already. i don’t have a printer(haha) to print out a return label(which i have told woot. no response to that email either) .

Same issue

Hi there. You just surfaced a 6 yr old thread.

Do you have someone that can print the label for you?