HP Pro c640 14" Touchscreen Chromebook (i7, 128GB)

HP Pro c640 14" Touchscreen Chromebook (i7, 128GB)

Hey Woot: Where’s the End of Life date in the specs?

According to the chart, it’s June 2028.


Honestly? This is OVERKILL to run the Chrome OS; look at some of the other models or check out the mothership.

Woot Staff: The End Of Life date should be at the top of the specs; it’s the single most important spec when buying a Chromebook/box ESPECIALLY considering Chrome based devices have a limited update lifetime (6 years from the first date of manufacture). I see you’ve started putting the information in blue and while that’s a start, the information is still at the bottom of the specs.

Ehhhhh, I’m not sure it’s overkill. If you do work all day for a company that uses Google Workspace and have 30+ tabs open all day, I’d say this will make sure you’re good for awhile.

The price is pretty great considering the specs you’re getting as well. But I agree that with Chromebooks the EOL date is the most important thing.

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I sometimes forget that there are, indeed, companies using Chromebooks.

I’ll need to adjust my recommendations accordingly.

That, and it’s RARE for Woot to sell something with these specs.

@viriiman’s - Finally, Woot sells a Chromebook up to your exacting standards and maybe a seal of approval!
[falls off chair] :rofl:

P.S. Curious why eMMC and not m.2 SSD at this price point?

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Curious why eMMC and not m.2 SSD at this price point?

All about that profit margin (for HP, not Woot).

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Base model north of $799. So hard to understand why they use eMMC and degrade performance for perhaps $30 manufacturing cost.