HP Pro x2 612 12.5" Intel i5 Tablet

Does this come with the keyboard dock?

No dock included.

I bought this unit back in Cyber Monday week believing it was Cyber Monday only deal. I have been using it since. It’s refurbished but you can’t tell once you have it out of the box. Very nice overall and superb quality screen. Wacom pen included. Very good deal when you consider that the same “new” unit from HP, while it comes with a power keyboard, costs $1300.

Unlike other competitors, this tablet has an active cooling system with a fan. Fan is quiet unless you are in a quiet room at 4am. This might be a letdown for some, but if you consider that it’s a Core i5, I think it’s way better than having less performance due to CPU overheating and throttling (this is a major issue with high performance Surface tablets.) I ran benchmarking applications with this tablet and it never throttled.

This tablet is equipped with an ambient light sensor, so the screen brightness automatically adjusts. With automatic brightness, and power save mode, I was able to average 6-8 hours most days.

It comes with a slim Wacom pen that does not require a battery. It is pretty accurate, and there is a slot on the tablet that you can store the pen, which is a huge plus (looking at you, Surface Pro 4).

The USB 3.0 port does not seem to have a sufficient power output for external hard drives that gets its power from USB ports. Probably 500mA max. Otherwise, it works fine. All the I/O ports are residing on the bottom part of the tablet, so if you have a USB device or the power cable connected to the bottom, you will have difficulty putting it on a desk with conventional tablet stand.

Power adapter cable looks just like a laptop power supply. I can see it having wear problems later if you constantly pull on the cord or the cable hangs from the tablet, adding weight to the plug. Since the tablet does not consume much power, the adapter stays cool.

The cameras have an OK quality. Good under natural light, not really with less light. The front camera is not capable of Windows Hello. The rear camera has a flashlight that was surprisingly bright.

The only problem with mine is that the tablet is not equipped with 802.11ac module as described. Mine is fitted with a/b/g/n unit.

If you need a keyboard, there are some available on Amazon. As of 12/11/15, a power keyboard with a secondary battery costs $269 and a travel keyboard without a battery costs $273. Seems very expensive for just some keyboard with or without battery. I utilized a bluetooth keyboard I already have.


Confirmed that it comes with a pen.