HP Pro x2 612 12.5" Intel i5 Tablet

Does anyone know if this comes with the keyboard?

No, this is the tablet only.

this is for someone who bought it or has experience with similar items.

i am suspicious of the low price given the specs…should i be worried?

I bought this tablet. Ask me questions.

Thanks. Just was wondering if there is anything about the tablet that explains why it is one third the regular price.

also, since it does not come with a keyboard/mouse, was wondering if you know how expensive would be to buy these separately.

thanks again

Well, basically, the keyboard base costs $269 on Amazon. The “Power” keyboard includes a secondary battery which will seriously extend the battery life. (HP claims ~14 hours with both battery.) The battery is internal to the keyboard base. It’ll also have some additional ports so you can use it like a laptop. The keyboard will be backlit.

There is also a travel keyboard option, which has more portability, but lacks internal battery. A little cheaper than the power keyboard.

The tablet itself is very good - GREAT performance for the form factor. However, similar to Surface Pro 3, the 4th gen Haswell Core has power limit throttling, which can start throttling if there is a heavy CPU/GPU demand for more than a certain period of time. Not sure what the purpose is, but if you find your tablet throttling too much for your needs, you could edit your power settings so the max CPU usage is 99% instead of 100%. This will reduce power consumption of the CPU so you’d have more headroom for the GPU.

Cosmetics wise, my unit looked new. I found no evidence of it being a refurbished unit other than numerous stickers on the box. No scratches or fingerprints anywhere prior to my handling.

I checked the battery to see if it was used before. Seemed new with 0% wear level and at full designed capacity.

My unit came equipped with a Wireless-N unit instead of the AC as advertised, but I’ve got it sorted out with Woot! CS.

Overall, I don’t think you’ll be able to get this good of a Windows “tablet” of this spec at this price range, at least yet. Although the keyboard is costly, it’s justifiable if you consider that a new i5 x2 612 with power keyboard costs $1300+.

I ditto these comments. Performance seems very good thus far. I will be transitioning from my Lumia 2520, and it imported all of my settings flawlessly. The software needs a lot of updates out of the box. I will upgrade to Windows 10 just as soon as I’m sure everything is working. As is a bit typical with a lot of obscure HP hardware, it can be difficult to find info on this unit. There are few accessories available other than the HP keyboards mentioned, and a docking station. Standard keyboards and mice will work fine. Screen protectors are available from PhotoDon.
I’m waiting to hear back from woot customer service on the 7260N vs 7260AC issue, and I intend to open it up and see if it has the LTE hardware (which I suspect it doesn’t) and fully replace my Lumia 2520. It does appear to have the SmartCard and FingerPrint readers, though. I had an Asus VivoTab RT previously, which was OK but a bit buggy, and I also have an HP Stream 7 running Windows 10 which works well but is WiFi only.

I’ve only been offerred an RMA. What did Woot CS offer you? A partial refund or an exchange with the proper unit?