HP Pro x2 612 12.5" Intel i5 Tablet

Woot still seems to be advertising these as having 802.11ac when all previous comments and my own purchase came with 802.11n. Upgradeable with a little elbow grease, but may be false advertising. Also not easily upgradeable to WWAN. Otherwise so far a great performing tablet, if not a lot of accessories available for it.

Does it come with dock keyboard station ?

It looks like the only accessories included with the tablet are a stylus and the power adapter.

Thanks for your information!

I also got 802.11n unit.

I see the description says with a stylus, but is this the same as the G1 model - with the Wacom digitizer ? Do you know which model number this is ( Jan 4, 2016 )?

Has stylus but looks like this model does not have the Wacom digitizer.

It is my understanding that all 612 models are G1s. It does include Wacom stylus and software.

So this looks like a really good deal! Add a bluetooth keyboard and you’ve got a Surface Pro 3. The brick charger seems to suck but if you can get 8 hours of battery life, that’s a full day of work.

What’s funny is that the power keyboard that this connects to is almost as much as the tablet itself.

Now, a question: Does anyone know of a case or stand that would hold and work for this tablet? I’ve got a bluetooth keyboard so I just need to stand it up.

I just bought the power keyboard for it. It works great as a tablet, but there just has to be a keyboard. I looked at the bluetooth options but I just wanted to have a matching set. A little on the expensive side, but when you consider that these are $1300 new, it still is a good deal.

Power keyboard really does extend usable hours.

Keep in mind that in order to get a full 8 hrs of battery life, you need to find certain workarounds. For one, Chrome is a resource hog when it comes to portable computers on battery, although it’s got the best touch functions. Microsoft Edge is best for power consumption but lacks tablet-like features.

It really shows that when you watch a 1080p video on youtube. Chrome will cause the processor to go into power throttle mode after some seconds. Edge will not do that.

Also screen brightness is the worst offender when it comes to battery consumption.