HP ProBook 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop

How do you know who does the refurbishing for Woot laptops?

In this case, you can look at the warranty. :slight_smile:

Can I get a square trade warranty on this?

There were technical difficulties on SqTr’s end for the last two weeks so we removed the warranty widget. They seem to be resolved now. We’re going to do a final test, hopefully today, and then we’ll turn the warranty links back on.

Buyer beware most of the laptops have an issue win trying to upgrade to Windows 10, the video flickers. There is no fix for it and HP will not fix based on the age of the machines. But other than that the machine works fine and worth the money.

There are updated Graphics Drivers for the Intel HD Graphics 4000.

I purchased a laptop from Woot last week and the widget obviously not there. The item has yet to even be shipped. Is it possible to get a square trade warranty? I called square trade directly and they won’t issue me a warranty if bought from Woot. It is a refurbished unit.

Once we get the final go-ahead to bring the warranties back, we’ll make sure CS has instructions on how to help people wanting warranties that already purchased. You have 30 days I believe.

In for one.

I know the “free upgrade” period is over, but is Microsoft doing free upgrades for new purchases like they did with past OSes?

Would you let us know here about ST?

BTW, how do I get notifications of replies? I thought I was setup for that.

  1. You’ll have to check with Microsoft about upgrades.

  2. The best way to find out about SquareTrade would be to write into CS asking about getting one. We’re going to email everyone that wrote in asking about it soon.

We may also post in the forums about that issue, but for your convenience sending an email to Customer Service will probably be easier.

3)Sadly, we don’t have email notifications. :frowning:

1)HA! Get check with Microsoft! That’s funny!

  1. I like TTs answer better. Yours doesn’t sound as definitive. I hope I can get one. That put me over the top for the decision to purchase this.

  2. Were there ever notifications? I thought there were at one point? So I have to book and remember to check this thread every now and then?

Hi there. I gave TSH the responses above. :slight_smile:

We’re still working on the SqTr problem. We think we’ve found the issue so that’s progress. You will be able to buy one. We’re working directly with SquareTrade to resolve this. You have up to 30 days to purchase a warranty. This is per SqTr.

The retail side has never had email notifications. We’re sitting on some pretty old code here. There were notifications on deals.woot.

Thanks, so do I have to wait until you figure out your issue to get the warranty or just call them and say “TT said I could get it”?

And NOW I remember the notifications since you mentioned deals. Will we ever get them here?

Finally, received my laptop today. OK for the price. Little disappointed it didn’t come with the original HP software like the Recovery Manager, but since it looks like they just installed a generic Windows 7 Pro and some drivers, I can manage with that.

Can’t complain too much for the price.

We’re still working with SquareTrade. You should go ahead and contact our CS because we will email people that have contacted us once we get it working. The problem seems to be SqTr’s end still.

Per SqTr, you have 30 days to purchase a warranty. If we get outside that time, I’m sure we’ll work with them to figure something out.

As to the forums, our code over here is pretty old. Would need a major update to support notifications. Hopefully some day but not anytime soon.

And I lost track of the time and forget to email customer service. No warranty for me. :frowning:

And my hard drive failed. Hopefully the one year warranty from the seller is good.