HP ProBook 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop

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HP ProBook 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop
Price: $219.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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We’ll fix that soon. Thanks for pointing it out!

Purchased a similar configuration a few months ago; it had a platter drive. I spent about $60 to swap the optical bay out with an SSD, bump up the RAM. With the win 10 upgrade, it’s a wonderful little machine, esp for the price. Now I have important stuff on the SSD and the platter handles the big games and movies. Happily plays Fable, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Diablo 3, Starcraft II and Fable Remastered… I’m sure there are others. Lousy battery life, obviously, but a cheap replacement cell can fix that if it’s a problem. If it matters, the CPU looks easy to replace as well.

I knew you were gonna say that…

Microsoft office with limited word and excel…nothing else? Really?

Have been looking for a laptop for a while now. Of course keeping the cost in mind and the offered configuration offered. Is this a good buy…just for daily use …word processing…etc. I could always add add-on all RAM and HD space. Any thoughts?

HDMI=no. Bluetooth=no.Touchscreen=no.Long battery life=no. Otherwise it has everything I’m looking for in a laptop. Newegg has this same laptop for 269 so at least woots price is fair.

Just get LibreOffice. Really, the only reason to use MS Office is not knowing about the free alternatives.