HP ProBook 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop

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HP ProBook 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Thursday, Aug 04 to Tuesday, Aug 09) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Product Review

This is a lot less attractive now that Microsoft’s free Windows 10 update has expired. I really like the 6-cell battery.

At least it’s not Windows 8,

and the free Windows 10 upgrade is supposidly still in place for people with physical limitations/disabilities (vision issues, etc)

I like 7, and it has seperate mouse buttons, small/medium size screen, is fairly lightweight with a dvd drive and an i5,
so I’m in for one.

Only strike for me is it probably has the Hp white-list crap built in.

(I didn’t count the SSD as a plus, since I’ll probably end up on a shelf as a backup, so a bigger one can be swapped in)

Looking for a decent ubuntu box - any experience with this, anyone? I figure I can upgrade the memory and do some data analysis in a more friendly environment.

16GB upgrade:

I have a similar HP laptop with a hybrid drive. I have been very happy with it.

Windows 7 has already ended mainstream support - it will only be getting critical security updates. And in 3 1/2 years, that ends too.

No Win 10 no deal.

Staff: Does this have optional Win 10 update or not?

It really is not up to the staff. The free downgrade to Windows 10 was a Microsoft thing. Fortunately for us, that promotion ended and you get to keep the Windows 7 OS that comes on it without being hassled/tricked into downgrading your OS.

I agree that going from Win 7 pro is a downgrade to Win 10 standard. You lose the capability of backing up your PC on a network drive & you no longer have Media Player. These two factors were enough for me not to switch to a modified Win 8.1 OS.

Any info on how this woukd play Sims 3 with a few expansions? I killed my last laptop with a virus and just can’t be bothered with fixing it for a lack of Sims 3 playability.

Any info appreciated. :slight_smile:

Got it today (wow!! that was fast),
refurb quality was very good for the price,
2.5" scratch on top was hidden by whatever they treat/coat the aluminum top with (not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it).

SSD drive is a Sandisk X110,
decent drive that rates a 7.8 on the windows experience index.

4GB memory is on one card, leaving the second slot open.
Both slots are accessible by popping the tool-less bottom cover.

The computer itself is slightly big for a 14", but that’s expected for something with an optical drive.

Probably my best $200ish pc purchase so far.

The other Windows Experience scores are:
Processor 7.2
RAM 5.9
Graphics 4.8
Gaming Graphics 6.2
SSD 7.8

I haven’t tried to authorize the product key yet,
but the only paperwork included is a two sided sheet that basically tells you not to freak out if it doesn’t authorize the first time.

Good PC thanks :smiley:

I just noticed that my 6470b doesn’t have the pointstick eraser head style track-pointer thing, & the additional mouse buttons above the touchpad.

No great loss to me, but could be a disappointment if someone was actually going to use it.