HP ProBook 450 i5 Quad-Core 256GB Notebook

HP ProBook 450 i5 Quad-Core 256GB Notebook

Aside from the ram (definitely upgrade it right away to 8GB or 16GB imo) this looks pretty decent. Going to sleep on it.

Everything looked great about this deal until I saw this:
Display: HD (1366 x 768)
Memory: 4GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB)
You can easily remedy the memory part but unless you dock this to another screen you are stuck with the lower resolution.


Boy howdy. 1366x768 on a $600+ laptop? In 2020? That’s just embarrassing.

I don’t get why anyone would buy a laptop with anything less than a 1080p display in this day and age unless they’re buying something very specific (e.g. a tiny handheld pc, like a GPD Win or such, with a 5" or smaller display) or plan on using the device as a headless PC only. Moreover, I don’t understand why manufacturers would continue to make and sell laptops with these deficient screens. On low-end budget PCs, I can sorta understand, but this is firmly above that price point.

Again, are we basing comments on gaming needs or work/home use?

Many webpages are designed for higher resolutions than the 768 (height) part. That would just make you scroll down more often. There are some scaling options to help with that, but the resolution on this 15" screen is lower than most (if not all) smartphones on the market today. I wouldn’t buy a 11" laptop with this resolution screen much less a 15"

Here is how computers.woot looks on that resolution. You can compare it to how it looks on whatever screen you are using to compare.

I predict a price drop or new item. Looks they have moved 3 of these so far.

This is about $300 too much for this machine. SSD needs to be bigger, needs more RAM and needs better video. You can find comparable machines to this in the $400-$500 range all day.

Man that screen resolution is pretty bad. I’d definitely consider picking one up if it was 1080p, but otherwise it’s a decent deal.

A low resolution is bad for every use case, whether it’s media consumption, gaming, or professional use.

The lower resolution means that you won’t ever be able to fit as much on the screen (as davidcmal demonstrated). Moreover, the lower resolution means that text and images will not be as clear or as crisp as you’d expect on a 1080p or higher display. If you want things to look bigger because of poor eyesight, etc. then that’s why there’s display scaling built into Windows so that you can make everything larger. The added benefit of the higher-res display is that upscaled text will be just as sharp as you’d have at default scaling.

If you don’t think it’s a big difference, consider that a 1080p (1920x1080) display has just about twice (1.97x) as many pixels as a “HD” (1366x768) display. That’s a huge amount of fidelity to gain, even if you’re just going to use display scaling to bump the size of everything up to 200%.

Indeed – there are a multitude of PCs with 1080p displays, 8+ GB of RAM, and similar or larger-sized SSDs, with comparable or better processors, for less money.

Please show me the multitudes of new business grade laptops with 1080p, Windows 10 pro, 8 gigs of memory and a 10th gen i5 processors for less than 669 bucks right now. I’d be very appreciative because I haven’t been to find many under the currently constricted supply chain.

If Win 10 Home instead of pro isn’t a dealbreaker here are 2 I found in under 5 minutes just playing around with filters on Amazon for less money (with better scoring processors, 2x the RAM and FHD displays)


I am sure you could probably find quite a few at this price point with better specs if you bothered to look.

Well 100 bucks for pro upgrade and those are consumer grade laptops not business class laptops. They are not going to have the same build materials and build quality and support. People buying pro books aren’t buying them because they are cheap. I will definitely give you that making a business class laptop the featured deal on a consumer website isn’t probably the best business model, but to act like they are completely interchangable with consumer class laptops is disingenuous.