HP ProBook 640-G1 14" Intel i5 Laptops

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HP ProBook 640-G1 14" Intel i5 Laptops
Price: $219.99 - 259.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Aug 30 to Thursday, Aug 31) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Anyone know if these are win 10 pro machines with TPM chip capable of bitlocker encryption?

According to CNET, yes, it has a TPM v 1.2


This seems like a good deal for an i5 processor and 8gb of RAM for under $300. Am I missing something other than it being refurbished?

Can a computer savvy person help me out please?

I want to get this for my 9 year to internet surf and do some schoolwork (web based) on it. I will probably install Office on it for Word and Excel. Possibly Minecraft as well.

I’m thinking I would need the 4GB Ram and 320 GB hard drive. Might be a little slow but couldn’t I always buy more RAM?

The 128 GB would be almost full with Windows and Office and Minecraft. Right?

I’ve also never had a dual core. Only quad core. Is this deal worth it for my purposes?

I would still get the 8GB/128GB SSD model. It will hold the OS and programs with no problem and be much, much quicker to do everything. This computer has 4 USB 3.0 ports, so you can add an external hard drive or flash drive that is very fast for storing documents, music, photos, etc.

I’ve been buying refurb PCs from Woot for ages now. But the last 3 (including those i directed friends to buy) were NOT Refurbed…
they were merely used and passed on.
Not reset to org. factory settings. Weird problems and configurations were found.
I think Woot has chg’d their business model to ‘hands-off’ let the buyer beware.

Agreed. Last one I purchased, also for a friend, was immediately sent back due to extreme wear and tear and the speakers not working.

This would be perfect for my needs, but not chancing it.

Can anyone from Staff respond to this? ARE these puters actually refurbs (as they are advertised as) or not? And if not, why are they listed as such? Just ordered one, would like to avoid surprises/heart palpatations.

Eh, looks like the furb company (Metro) offers a year warranty, although their ratings aren’t too encouraging.

I just sold a ProBook 440, which is very similar. 4GB HD and it was used for work, including running a soft phone.
For a 9yr old, it would be fine. My kid’s laptop has lower specs and runs all those programs well.

Mine was just delivered. Inside the box was a packing slip for another customer. The power cord is definitely USED and has a sticker on it marked USED. There are fingerprints all over the laptop and some stickers that have bubbles. I think the stickers are to cover up that it’s used. This was not what I expected being a “refurb” which normally is like new and has new peripherals. Booting it up now, not sure if I am keeping this or not. Beware.

Refurbished items can show some battle scars of their previous life.

Factory Reconditioned items will look closer than new.

That customer packing slip though…

Fairly pleased with this purchase. Looks to be in A- condition, booted up with new setup process, and had 0 bloat ware. However, it does not have a DVD±RW drive. In the description I thought I saw this, but curious if I was mistaken? It’s not a complete deal breaker for me, but that was one of my reasons for purchasing.

Ours does not have a DVD RW either. That was one of the main reasons why we purchased it, so my kids could watch homeschool DVDs on the computer during the day. I’m hoping Woot will return this order because the product was not sold as advertised.

These pro laptops are very modular, so installing the drive would be super easy - literally unfasten some screws and pop in the drive. That is, if woot would be so kind as to send us the drive.

Mine is missing a DVD drive as well :frowning:

For those missing the drive, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I’m very sorry for the problem. Seems to affected just a few though.