HP ProBook 6460B 14" Intel 250GB Laptop

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HP ProBook 6460B 14" Intel 250GB Laptop
Price: $179.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

These are good Hackintosh candidates for anyone who’s interested in that kind of stuff. Used one for a while as a desktop machine/Hackintosh and it worked great.

How about the battery - Is that part covered under the warranty?

Perhaps I’m trippin’ but the specs say there’s no webcam, and the stock photos used to show it off clearly show a webcam in the screen bezel. Do some of these have them and others don’t or am I imagining things?

Also good for a multi-arcade machine emulation cabinet.

My daily driver at work. Rugged and dependable. Extended battery puts the keyboard at a nice angle and gives me 6+ hours of office usage if you tolerate the extra bulk.

Screen is… okay I guess. Mine has the upgraded 1600x900 resolution, looks like this one has the lower spec 1366x768 screen which is unfortunate.

Oh and it has the fastest keyboard replacement process I have EVER seen literally 3 or 4 screws from the underneath and the keyboard lifts out.

Happy to answer any questions.

They’re stock photos. You should go by our specs. With refurbished computers, the batch of computers will be various models within that line with different features. They will be brought to the specs we note. While it’s possible you might be surprised by a Webcam, don’t order counting on it.

Does this thing come with a backlit keyboard? I am tired of not being able to see the keyboard in the dark. If not, can you tell me a model that does have the backlit keyboard?

90 day on the battery but they’re good people and will work with you.

Just gotta’ complement the ad writers lately - good job with the humor! … and come on! - don’t be so tight with the free cars! :slight_smile:

I assume this laptop doesn’t have bluetooth? And if so, will using a bluetooth dongle allow me to connect to all devices, including a wireless printer and speakers?

Please help me. What is a “Hackintosh”? Sounds like an Apple abbynormal brain implanted in PC Frankenstein. How does one accomplish such a feat?

Or, what if you just wanted to start this computer and use it for normal stuff like TurboTax or Office type applications? Is it good and dependable? Quick to boot and stuff like that?

Basically getting OSX running on a non-apple laptop / computer.


Also one of the preferred machines for a DIY external gpu setup - portable gaming machine on the cheap

See bullet #2 in the description.

Okay… So the DISPLAY is lighted. What about the KEYBOARD?!?

The Dell E6420 a few days back also mentioned no webcam. Also no webcam visible in the pics:


The one I received clearly has a webcam. I’m not sure if some do and some don’t… just assume none and if it does, then bonus.

I’m having no luck finding backlit keyboards for this model.