HP Probook 6465B 14" AMD A6 Notebook

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HP Probook 6465B 14" AMD A6 Notebook
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Condition: Refurbished


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Review from Notebook Check with video overview

anybody know?
Will this run Win 10?
while 7 is So Much better than 8…
I kinda like staying in the same operating system, machine to machine…so, I’d rather have them all running Win 10
so, anyone know?

Don’t get Too excited, these refunbs are some offices used equipment that’s been reimaged, hopefully wiped down and being resold

And for this price you expected ?

Per the item description (and per Microsoft) any device running Win 7 or 8 has a free upgrade to Win 10 through July '16.

Yes, it will run Win 10 just as it is. It comes with 4GB, and you can upgrade it to 8GB or 16GB and/or add a solid state drive (SSD). But it will be very usable as it is. Some people will like this because it has a fresh install of Win 7 Pro 64.

One of the reviews listed tested it with an SSD, and the SSD extended that test machine’s battery life to 7 hours. The regular hard drive on this one uses up more power. Hopefully you’ll get 3 or 4 hours with this one, if the battery is good. A new battery will get you to 3 or 4 or 5 hours.

This is a heavy duty bulletproof machine. And heavier than it looks, too. 5+ pounds. MATTE screen because it is an HP ProBook. Remember, it is not brand new and may show small signs of wear. That’s OK because this machine was made to take it. The screen should be good. It may show no wear at all, it’s tough.

One thing to be aware of is it has only USB 2, not USB 3. It does have eSata and Firewire 400 connections, which most new machines have dropped in favor of USB 3.

Does anyone know, if you have a sim card for which you can purchase data, would you be able to sue that card in an adapter on one of the card reader ports of this device? Or do you need a port specifically for wireless?

I don’t “know”. This machine was not designed for that but it might work. Check with the sim card service provider. This was a major model machine and they should have a reference, yes or no, for this model.

If would only work if it were to have the WWAN option installed. By default , it doesn’t have the option.

I bought a similar HP laptop here on Woot. The screen acted crazy (phase in and out) so went to the HP web site and low and behold they had patches for that very problem. My guess when they cleared these out during refurbishing and reloaded software all the previous patches left the machine. There were other patches too so if you buy you may want to check it out. Mine didn’t have the HP updater installed which may have automatically done those updates? Also, when you update to Windows 10 first do an update of Windows 7. During the 10 update it was also trying to update 7 and getting stuck. Heavy devil. And don’t count on this refurbisher to ever call you back. I left many messages all to voice mail. If I had to do it over again I would get a Chromebook but it works fine now.

I don’t know how to transfer the OS and (probable) recovery partition to a replacement drive like the SSD that I find so interesting as an option. Anyone comment on that, or preferably provide an actual answer?


Just Google “how do I tell if my computer will run Windows 10.” Windows has a program that you can run on your laptop that will tell you. Be sure to read some articles on how to upgrade from Win 7 to 10 and follow instructions, back up data, etc.

What wireless card is in this device?

wait…Woot is selling something NOT refurbished by Dyson? But I thought…argggh! I am so confused. Amazon please advise

If the refurbisher has done it right, with an HP there will be 2 or possibly 3 partitions on the drive that hold 1) your normal booting C:drive 2) the recovery software on D: 3) the HP diagnostic software on E:

The easy way is to use a dual dock drive cloner like this


With this, you put the original drive in slot A, the new drive in the slot B, press “clone”, and it copies everything correctly in place in about one hour. All three drive letter partitions and C stays bootable. It is smart, but you can only use a new drive that is equal to or larger capacity than the original drive. It does not have to be connected to a computer to do a clone. You can also use the dock to hold raw drives and connect to computer with USB 2 or USB 3.

There are other ways but for $23, this is the way to do it. Other ways will take hours. Some other higher price docks have eSata connections, which will give you full Sata speed, better than USB 3, with raw drives and this computer model.

Most SSDs come with software that will do a transfer, including keeping C bootable, if you can get the SSD connected to the computer with a USB cable or enclosure, which means you need to buy that kind of cable or enclosure anyway.

NO it WILL NOT upgrade to W10!!! The product code that WOOT gives is invalid for the upgrade.

Contact Skyline (warranty link) and ask them for a code to upgrade. They should be able to help you.