HP ProBook 6470B 14" Intel i5 128GB Laptop

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HP ProBook 6470B 14" Intel i5 128GB Laptop
Price: $239.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I need to get my son a new laptop. Is this any good?

Well this processor is quite powerful, it compares favorably with the Core i3 2120 DESKTOP processor, a second generation cpu on the 1155 socket. Not bad.

Passmark scores (Overall / Single Threaded)

i5 3320M @ 2.60 GHz 4049 / 1633
i3 2120 @ 3.30 GHz 3891 / 1687

It really depends on what he is going to do with it. School work, I think it’s great.

Games, I don’t think it’ll handle anything high end with an integrated video chip.

Looks like a solid little machine for the money though. This will play Netflix and music just fine. It’ll surf the web. That’s what most people do with computers these days anyway.

Only thing I’d add is that the hard drive is Solid State which will make it fast. If he needs a lot of space for movies and music you might want to look into a computer with a larger capacity hard drive.

Or plug in a 256Gb USB flash drive that should cost you about $50.00.

does it have hdmi?

No, you would need to get a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

Would this be able to handle graphics programs without hogging all of the resources (more along the lines of the Adobe Suite than CAD)? I’m looking for a laptop to occasionally work at home with - I need to be able to run Dreamweaver or Illustrator at the same time as other things like Outlook & my CRM. Thanks!!

Does it have a webcam

It will but likely much slower than your work computer. Slowness questions are difficult to answer because your Illustrator might not be a extremely detailed file thus faster access. Also you’d need to upgrade the hard drive as it’s very small at 128GB to hold all your files.

The photo shows one but the specs don’t mention it.

Doesn’t appear to have a touch screen, either…

or an external HDD 1 or 2 T…usually <$100

Ugh. I used to be up-to-date on computers. Now the specs are as incomprehensible to me as a new car’s.

I appreciate the help!

Good. It’s a gimmicky feature. The majority of Windows applications still don’t work well with a touch screen.

I’m not staff, but I can answer this:

According to HP, the webcam was optional. As these are off-lease/refurbished computers, the inclusion (exclusion) could not be assured.

The photos are stock photos.

I received mine yesterday but the keyboard was bad. Only a few letters would type and other would type three times. The mouse pad had a thick sticker on it making the touch very hard and difficult to control the mouse and cursor. This is the second time in the last year I have had to send back a laptop due to quality assurance issues. Woot needs to get better suppliers!