HP ProBook x360 11" Convertible Laptop

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HP ProBook x360 11" Convertible Laptop
Price: $299.99
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Will this support Office 10? I know, I know - MS has pretty much priced Office out of my league. I’m using Google’s apps, mostly Sheets and Docs, and everything’s OK there but it would be nice to have Office available, even an old version, if this machine and W10Pro will cope.

If ya want something slow,…this is the one for You !
Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz
2MB Cache ?
Dual-Core !!?

Resolution:1366 x 768 Really not good Hi-def
Display Type: HD SVA WLED-backlit
Intel HD Graphics 500
Memory 4GB DDR3L-1600 (on-board)

This thing is way too old and outta date !

Sold out already? How many were there, 5?

Based on the specs, that’s probably just as well. You can likely something just as good elsewhere for about the same price (or less), and something a lot better for $100 or so more. Win10 is going to be slow on this, and you’re likely better off either going with a Chromebook (it’ll run faster in devices in this price range) at this price, or a more expensive/better-spec’d device for Win10.

Hi there! Our vendor was able to get us a few more units of this laptop. Get 'em quick!

PC World says it’s very rugged at least, so maybe great for kids?


Maybe try LibreOffice if you need file format interoperability with MSOffice.

ugh… enjoy your 1.1Ghz… that’s slower than a 10 year old atom powered netbook.

I got Wwindows 10 running on an old Atom laptop, 2 GB RAM, 7200 rpm disk, it was dog slow, even for a kid.

I was gonna blast woot for overcharging. But apparently laptop prices have gone up. A year ago I got an Intel m3-6y30 10 inch for 350. Super low battery usage with very decent CPU speed. Now it’s worth 450. Dumb Bitcoin is hurting the PC market.