HP ProDesk 405-G1 Tower AMD Desktop

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HP ProDesk 405-G1 Tower AMD Desktop
Price: $309.99
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[CPU Benchmark](http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_lookup.php?cpu=AMD+A4-5000+APU&id=2005 /)

That is the most revolting PC design I’ve seen in a long time.

The 3 year warranty starts from manufacturing date and not from purchase date or registration date. You have to check warranty status on HP’s website to know exactly how long the warranty is left.

[MOD: Incorrect. This is a new item. Warranty starts from date of purchase.]

This quad core’s score = 1902
$9 dual core from 2008 = 2172


Its basically amd’s version of an atom and it has no business in a micro atx desktop imo.

What are you smoking?

Here’s the real deal FROM THE LINK RIGHT HERE AT WOOT:

“The Limited Warranty Period starts on the latter of the date of purchase or lease from HP or from the date HP or, if applicable, the HP authorized service provider completes installation. Your dated sales or delivery receipt, showing the date of purchase or lease of the HP Hardware Product, is your proof of the purchase or lease date unless HP or your authorized reseller informs you otherwise in writing.”

AMD e-series is more comparable to the atom, this is more like comparing it to a celeron.

I guess you either don’t like the “Darth Vader Look” or you favor nice white iMacs?

Very popular item in NYC where everyone wears black.

I saw that and was wondering if there was a typo in the specs. 1.5 ghz in 2015? Really?

Just to be fair, a couple things. The A4-5000 has a TDP of 15 watts vs 65 watts for the E8400- so it’s a lot more energy efficient. A passmark of 2000 is not all that bad, many current budget-level laptops (or even ultrabooks) will range around a passmark of 2000.

Having said that- I believe:

  1. this is possibly the ugliest tower I have ever seen
  2. it’s over priced for what you get. For $300 I could get this laptop

Toshiba Satellite 15.6"

Better processor, includes a screen and it’s portable.

I know it’s a joke but latency is a networking term not a hardware term. Unless buying this computer moves half the internet into your home city I doubt it will help with that.

It’s 40,000 Leagues UNDER the Sea all over again.

The speed of the processor is not nearly as significant as the processing per cycle. A Pentium D 950 had a processor speed of 3.4 Ghz, had a TDP of 130 watts yet the passmark of this processor was 750. Today’s processors have a lot more operations per cycle and built on a much smaller process making them a lot more efficient both in energy consumption and processing power.

I haven’t done a lot of research yet, so I’m quite ignorant at the moment, BUT, I’m curious how well you all think this would work as a HomeTheater PC? My guess is that I’m better off buying something like this? I’m still building the room itself, so I’m patient for the right thing to come along. I’d be mostly using the machine to capture and stream content, not for playing games per se.

The processor was designed as a low-end laptop processor. The PassMark score shows it in it’s best possible light (utilizing all 4 cores). It’s also single-channel DDR3, not dual channel. More info here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-A-Series-A4-5000-Notebook-Processor.92867.0.html

I think I’d rather take my chances with one of those $99 “dual core or better” deals than to buy this thing.

if you plan on doing any transcoding, this won’t work. plex’s site says you need a 2000 PassMark score PER transcoding client @1080P. so, it wont work with one client. it really wont work with more than one client.

I think you’d be better off with your link or something like this. Both are made to be media type pc’s with cases and fans designed to be placed in confined spaces yet provide easy access for plugging in peripheral devices and run 24X7 with minimal energy usage. In fact you’d probably be better off with one of the 150 dollar Foxconns or Zotacs that just need an O/S and a harddrive and are ready to go than the Woot of the day.