HP ProDesk 600-G2 Intel i3 180GB Mini Desktop

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HP ProDesk 600-G2 Intel i3 180GB Mini Desktop
Price: $379.99
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That looks like a nice little computer. I can’t comment directly from experience, since unlike in the case of the similar Lenovos, I haven’t worked on one of these. Exam of them online leads me to a question and two tentative observations. Does that USB type C support 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3? I’m guessing no in both cases. Observations - this still looks relatively easy to upgrade, but a little harder than the Lenovo Tiny. And for me, this price point would need to be i5 rather than i3. Would love to see it priced here or even a little more expensive and get the i5 and Iris Pro with eDRAM. I think, though, that while Intel made both lower and higher power CPUs with eDRAM, they did not make them for these 35 watt ones.

Got a prodesk 800 last time. with the beefier processor. Spent ~70 bucks on a 120GB SSD and an extra stick of RAM (Laptop size) and the station became a beastly home office / media center PC. Quiet, super fast.

Even with the i3 I feel like this would be an overkill machine for a home office / media center. Would probably last a good while.

I’m looking for something my 16 year old can carry around in their backpack at school. For Selfies and homework. This looks like it would do the trick. It’s got WiFI and a Ligtening Fast CPU. For a Tablet this is priced Great.

Yeah, this is a great backpack carry PC- just need a screen, a power supply and cables. All set!

err… true, but this is not a tablet? It would be great for setting behind a TV, on a desk, behind a monitor, or in a cabinet.

Anybody know how this would do streaming (Netflix, Amazon, Twitch etc.)? Would like to pull the trigger but wondering if it would heat up.

This would be fine for it, but why not buy a fire tv, roku, etc. for that?

CPU Benchmark
This 6th generation i3 (Skylake) is comparable in performance to i5 processors of a few years ago (2nd generation Sandy Bridge and 3rd generation Ivy Bridge).

For streaming, there’s way more than enough processor power to handle it.

I can’t fully comment on the heat load, but it’s 35W TDP, so it’s not going to be like the “space heaters” of yore.

Thanks, I would also use it for some regular computer stuff once in a while.