HP ProDesk 600-G2 Intel i5 256GB Mini Desktop

Can i add more memory in this little HP thang?

Nope !
Says right there in the specs…supports up to 16gigs !

Just got mine and it’s fast !!
This little machine packs quite a bit of power in such a small footprint !
Setup was very fast…I’d say 45 minutes tops to download the update and get the latest drivers !
You’d have to spend a lot more than $499 to get a new PC with this kinda speed and performance !

Does this model come with two displayport or does it come with what is shown in the picture? one displayport, one vga, and one serial?

This comes with two display ports. Please refer to the specs for what is included with the item. The image shown is a stock image that will be very close to what the item looks like.