HP ProDesk 600-G2 Intel i7 256GB Mini Desktop

Nice machine, but it has a known problem with the video card !
You have to download all the Windows updates for this machine which takes hours 'cause they’re are so many. That is how I found out about the video problem. The monitor would cut out after about 10-15 minutes.
It seems to have been brought on by the latest set of downloads.
I could really only use it in safe mode.
The next night there was another download… a 3-D graphic download…now the monitor would blink out after a couple of minutes.
The only way to get video back was to restart.
I am working with my computer guy to find a driver that will work.
There are many Google answers for this problem, but none that have worked…
Other than this hiccup, this machine is blazing fast.
BTW, ya can’t just replace the card, as it’s soldered in which is more work and trouble than I want.

Oh,…BTW…where is the Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) license.
I didn’t see any windows flag in my task bar for this update !