HP ProDesk 600-G2 Intel i7 Mini Desktop

HP ProDesk 600-G2 Intel i7 Mini Desktop

What’s the point of these? Basically you are paying for a laptop without the screen. Why not just buy a laptop and be done with it. I used to see a value in these mini computers when you had no other options for a media server sitting beside your TV, but with all the streaming devices now that cost a fraction of this price, what is the point?

Great for businesses with their small footprint.

Why not ask what the point is of a desktop computer then. It’s a desktop computer, just mini with same amount of juice. Laptops can’t compare-

Well except the mini is constrained on how much you can upgrade it, aside from the memory constraints you can’t put in a better graphics card if you need one and the one in it is not that great. Frankly the laptop I’m using right now is more powerful than the mini. These pointless computers and for the price they are asking a rip off.

Makes a nice entertainment unit for a TV, for people who know about computers.