HP ProDesk 600 Mini Intel i3 Desktop

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HP ProDesk 600 Mini Intel i3 Desktop
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Does the displayport transmit audio ? What cable should I need to connect to an HDMI port on TV ? Any settings are required ?

The DisplayPort interface is used to connect computers and displays. The interface can include audio signals in the same cable as the video signals. In addition, most DisplayPort Sources (computers) support dual-‐mode, where DVI or HDMI signals can be sent from the DisplayPort connector using a low-‐cost cable adaptor.

You’ll need a displayport to HDMI adaptor, Amazon has some.

So,…which is it.??
Listing says Dual Core…Specs say quad core.!

This is a dual core, not a quad core.

Can the graphics card be upgraded?

I am not a geek, so this question will amuse those of you that are, but I have an HP laptop that is maxing out in memory and does not have MS Office on it. I use this laptop mostly for photos, embroidery files, emails and surfing the net.

Will this Pro Desk plug into the laptop’s USB port and work as an auxiliary backup?
If not, how would I connect and is this just a unit to expand memory and run a few programs?

It’s desktop computer.

This is a full desktop computer. I’m assuming you’re running out of storage, not maxed out on ram? If that’s the case you can just get an external hard drive which would cost significantly less than this.

Doubtful, I have a Prodesk 260 g1 which uses a similar chassis and everything in there is soldered together permanently, including the CPU. Good chance the only upgrades you can do are the ram or hard drive.

This should do the trick: http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=13371

Thanks, I’m getting this for the unit I bought months ago and haven’t had time to set up.

Would this work well for an office receptionist, i.e. email, internet, documents, spreadsheets, etc.?

I am looking to grab a computer for processing photos, etc. Would be using Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.

Would this computer have the oomph to do that?

Will this work well as a MAME computer, along with HTPC use for streaming movies?

Probably - I’d suggest Googling on something like “laptop i3-4160T” [w/out quotes] & check the reviews on the brand/model laptops that come up. Reason I suggest laptops is there’s an awful lot more of those sold for biz use that have the same CPU.

I’d put it this way… If you had a i5 or i7 PC with 16GB RAM, an SSD or two, & a mid-range [~$200] graphics card, P/Shop will use all of that. You could use this HP mini-PC, but it’ll just take longer, be slower working in P/Shop.

MAME - probably

HTPC - It’d work, but you’d benefit a Lot from running 2 sticks of RAM [dual channel], & if you’re planning on using WMC you might have problems with no graphics card [e.g. stuttering video]. For online video streaming might be as well or better off with a $30-$50 Android box or stick.

Here are the official CPU specs: