HP ProOne 600 21.5" Full-HD Intel AIO Desktop

Oh, now I get what woot is babbling about on the left side: this doesn’t come with a stand–amirite?

does this have a vesa mount?

what year was this computer made in. other words just tell me how old it is

Processor came out in spring 2014, no touchscreen and a 500GB spinning HD, so to answer your question… it’s old.

Then again, it’s only $200…

Slow processor. I would pass on this.

This does come with a stand.

It is Vesa 100x100 mounting.

I love hearing about people complain about “old” 2014 computers when I’m still gaming on a system from 2010/2012 (depending on the part). The low detail settings I’m forced to play on help me focus on the action instead of the scenery. (Or so I keep telling myself.)

Processor is actually pretty decent.


Screw the stand into your $250 treadmill or stationary bike, print out a sticker with “PELETON” on it and send me the leftover cash!

Can I haz Minecraft?

Really on the fence about this one…

Specs don’t really look that bad (especially for the $$).

I need to replace an aging HP all in one (will free up the old one for garage use).

Figuring this will easily handle basic surfing, Office, and iTunes.

I know there have been complaints on some of Woot’s refurbished computers in the past…

where? what? who are you? when/why optional!

I have been wooting here since the begining and purchased many Refurbished laptops and desktops. The one I am on now was purchased back in 2008… still working great I just had to install a new SSD and a better video card otherwise she is still working great. I have found that if the sum of the parts are of high quality all be it a bit on the dated side the quality will last. That is what I have found on every one of my computer purchases here. For the record I don’t work for Amazon nor Woot just been here a long time. This is the unit I am using today with Windows 10 Pro 4 GBs of RAM and a SSD drive:

HP Pavilion Elite m9040n Desktop Computer

If I was in need of a unit or 3 I would take these @ $200 a no brain for basic computing. I let the XBox One do my gaming

Good to know!

Think I’m remembering when they were regularly selling refurbished off-lease bargain basement laptops. I recall people complaining that they were basically useless.

I’m easy on computers, so I think this will fit my needs.