HP Quad-Core 3.2GHz Desktop with 1TB HD

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**Item: **HP Quad-Core 3.2GHz Desktop with 1TB HD
Price: $319.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Some additional info can be found on the product page

A few pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at The O

Woot, please take windows 8 off and drop the price by $100.00. We will find our own copy of W7.

yes, we like win7…

Let’s watch a video review [youtube=0xW_s3x5k2s][/youtube]

Not sure which processor is right for you? Check out this informative processor guide

Watch Blairtg.com for their flash sales of office surplus PCs. Come with a Win7 disc, and the processor is like a core 2 Duo or Pentium D, both of which use the same socket as a Core 2 Quad. Upgrade the HDD and you have it for about 260.

YUP :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet HP gets kickbacks for putting windows 8 in…I wouldn’t expect anything besides 8 in newer stuff.

could I be wrong though? does anything come blank or with windows 7?

None of these computers ever have HDMI out…am I missing something, right now my laptop is hooked up to my HD TV…I’d like to use it as a laptop and get a reasonably priced tower with HDMI out to run on the TV…Woot never seems to have those available.

Hell, I’d be happy with XP!

You could use a DVI to HDMI cable. Both are high def standards. Even on towers that have HDMI output, most are just video output (not audio), which means they aren’t all that different from this DVI output - they just use a more ubiquitously available cable.

Here’s an AmazonBasics DVI to HDMI cable for $8 (link)

This is pretty good computer for half of what I paid for mine.

It has DVI out, digital audio out, and analog audio out. So you just need more cables, but the HDMI functionalities are there.

The AMD A8-5500 with integrated Radeon HD 7650D is a $100 part from the on line stores, and it has pretty good reviews. Uses low power (which is how they get away with the 300W power supply) and runs games at medium settings. Won’t run games at high settings. On a value/price scale it’s rated pretty high.

The slot for the graphics card is available, so you can add some system memory and a graphics card, as long as the card will work with the power supply. That’s going to be the limiting factor on upgrades. Most budget graphics cards won’t perform any better than what the computer already has.

For the price, a nice computer.

What’s up with manufacturers mounting hard drives vertically instead of horizontally?

The only thing I can think of is that mounting them vertically will allow the chips to be 10 to 20 degrees cooler due to increased convection as opposed to the horizontal placement. (Useful in cases where cooling is an issue)

Note: I would not advise that user(s) change mounting orientation for a HDD that was formatted while it was mounted at a different orientation. There’s slight evidence that this MAY (under certain conditions) cause read errors.

Update: Forgot to mention that most manufacturers advise against mounting a drive at an angle so only 90 degree increments are advised (with +/- 5 degrees). Angle mounting may cause head crash, also it is unknown what effect it may have on the bearings.

This woot with an AMD processor saves a few bucks for this class desktop PC over one with an Intel i-processor while still performing fine for most typical users.

Honestly I know squat about computers, but I do a lot of photography/Photoshop with a horribly outdated laptop (very slow and frustrating). How well would this computer handle mass amounts of photos and multitasking with Photoshop?