HP Quad Core Desktop Computer with 8GB RAM & 1TB Hard Drive

It is $489.99 but I already have a quad core computer.

+1 for the Tron reference!


Ratings on CNET:

that’s a beefed up pc

I need a new (web based) Woot Tracker. www.bagsofcrap.com/wootsound.htm is not detecting that this is a Woot-Off.

Works in IE 6. (I’m at work, don’t blame me.)
Plays a sound near the end of a product.
Plays a sound when there is a new product.
I would prefer that it also pop-up a window at end/start of product in case I’m in a meeting and have the volume down.
Nothing is installed. (Again, I’m at work.)

I don’t care about pictures or descriptions so much, because it’s really just an alert to check Woot. I don’t care about ads (as long as they are not obnoxious) because Woot-Trackers need to pay for hosting, too.

Thanks in advance!

(Had to move the post because the camera just sold out.)

300 Watt power supply…Why can’t HP use a decent power supply…

why does my woot say (null) for the price?

Does anyone know if I could fit a better power supply in this bad boy? If I could put a better video card in there, it would be pretty awesome but I need atleast a 500 watt power supply.

Would be nice if not for the integrated video and the 300W power supply. Can that PS even run this beast? Yikes.

*stumbles into the room and yawns
Good morning Wooters…

plus hdd is 5400 rpm…really???

Does Windows 7 support earlier versions of Office and powerpoint?

About $55 cheaper then the newegg one($539.99) though you could put that towards the 1 year warranty. Newegg only gives a 90 day warranty and charges $60 for 1 year extended.

they need to throw in at least a 19" LCD monitor with this to make it sell… 21" would be better :slight_smile:

I bought this direct from HP six months ago for $1,086.


You definitely can and you will definitely need to. Both my HP desktops ate their power supply’s.

Oh, wow. Nap time now for sure! And…

Did anyone else just have to put in a Captcha?! /cry

I have this exact model and writing on it now. Flawless and fast and no issues. In fact, we have two of them. Also nearly silent in operation, which I can’t say about the Dell and Gateway this replaced.