HP Quad-Core Desktop with 1TB HD


HP Quad-Core Desktop with 1TB HD
Price: $299.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to learn all about USB 3.0

Hey all… just an important head’s up for system builders, upgraders, tinkerers, etc.

This HP is a System on a Chip (SoC) design – chipset and processor are combined. The motherboard supports the AMD Kabini A6-5200 APU only. The processor is not upgradable.

Go check out HP’s page on this system


Good information. Thank you.


Overstock gets $336.20.

Bought one on a previous Woot at the beginning of this year. It died after one day.

Woot’s specs say this machine has two memory slots and a max of 16 gigs. Crucial says it’s four slots and 32 gigs:


Who is right?

[MOD: See my post below.]

Graphics card didn’t benchmark very well.

Sitting one source:


No open card slots + no serial ports = no buy. Much too limited for my purposes.

According to the HP site, it has 2 sockets.

Not a fan of these pseudo-laptop in a big box PCs. Cheap parts, not upgradable, difficult/impossible to fix, external 65 watt power brick.

Better to spend similar money on a real desktop PC with standard parts, internal power supply.

Bought one of these last time. It is running flawlessly and have already updated to Win 8.1.
Using a 24" AOC monitor running at its max resolution.

I get that this is a limited system, but would it do for my kids (7 and 10)?

Have you seen anything comparably priced on woot that has been upgradeable?

My kids are 7 and 11, but they’re not 3 anymore - they’re gamer kids and this definitely isn’t sufficiently upgradable for a desktop machine. You might consider putting something cheap together from newegg that you can upgrade in pieces as you go. Ah, it’s a good day when your kids are all excited because you’re dropping a pair of new video cards into a machine :wink:

The system would be great for general web surfing or netflix. Anything beyond that, such as video intensive gaming, would push it. The price is right for the large hard drive and fast memory. A comparably priced Gateway (sx2370-ur13) has half the hard drive and memory and isn’t much more upgradeable due to it’s weak power supply and small form factor.

For what it’s worth, I’ve purchased 5 of these refurbished HP boxes over the past few years for our workplace. I’ve had zero problems with any of them. They are plenty of power for our day to day work using Excel, Word and internet services. Of course your mileage may vary.

I,too , bought one last year March.

The pc ran flawlessly until recently when I clicked on the 8.1 version invitation from HP site .

The whole PC shut down after the download , I called HP and they wanted $199 to fix it , claimed this is an issue from Microsoft , not HP . Of course I turned these pirates down and ended up reset the PC to its original condition.

Anyway , it’s not the same after doing so , my pc is much slower and keep on freezing from time to time even though I bought and installed a Norton Antivirus 2013 version on my PC right after purchased the PC from Woot .

One other thing ,to make the matter much worse, don’t know if it’s just me or have anyone else notice that nowadays , when we call for customer services , especially technical , you would ended up talking to some agents from India ? Imagine talking to Apu (from the Simpson) on step by step technical service . Happened to me many times lately . One word to describe the experiences : Nightmare !

I don’t get the advantage of the big box if you can’t put anything in it. You’d think HP would have scaled it down to small form factor configuration, which is just as difficult to upgrade due to weak power supplies that aren’t upgradeable. I have a Gateway with all the open slots and no way to power anything placed in them.