HP Quad-Core Desktop with 1TB HD

Took forever but I got one. woot.

I give up. I got that one in about ten seconds, and the Bag of Crap
was sold out.


how can people be this fast? I got it right and it’s sold out in just a few seconds. Well, my BOC record remains perfect and intact. Sigh.

Yup. (1360+6)*163

didnt work for me…

If that is the correct answer, Crapschmidt don’t know s*** about math…

Order of operation conventions (in the US) would make this 1360+978, not 1366*163.

I stand corrected, they have double parentheses.

how was speed to first woot(on crap bag) 15m 32.668s when the clue hasn’t been up that long yet?

Dude, calm down, it’s a $3 bag of crap that doesn’t even have to have something in it. It’s not a big deal.

Redacted. Correction was made above.

1360 mg of sodium!!! In one meal. Ouch.

Could be worse…I believe a can of Campbell’s soup breaks 2000 mg.

take a look at the sodium in a subway 12" itallian bmt Sodium (pct. daily diet): 3,000 mg (130%)

That’s a good question.
So I don’t go crazy, I would chaulk it up to coincidence. (The number of floors in Burj Khalifa is easy to search, the amount of sodium in a frequently eaten DD menu item… the number of naturally occurring noble gasses seems like something one has to know… I could have sworn “Hydrogen” was considered a noble gas.)

The prooooobably have the page ready before we can see it.

Hi, I am very disappointed with woots customer service, I requested an address change right after placing my order and was denied that request. Then to my surprise the HP computer I bought for 469 was on another woot two days later for 449, I kindly requested to have the price adjusted as my order had not even shipped yet, and was denied that as well. Now I am a new woot user and happen to like the website, but I will not be ordering anymore, not after all that… I hope someone with some authority over at woot gets to see this.

Thank you