HP Quad-Core Desktop with 1TB HD

**Item: **HP Quad-Core Desktop with 1TB HD
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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In depth specs, docs, pics, and more on the Product Page


Can you revert back the system to Windows 7? Microsoft sales have dropped 60S% since release of WIndowd 8, now a new OS is set to launch in the next few months.

If I could buy this system with Windows 7, I’d be shipped by now.

Windows 8 is the “New Coke” … and EPIC FAIL

Agree… Would buy right this second if I could revert and use Windows 7

according to microsoft, you must have windows 8 pro in order to revert back to windows 7

I actually love Windows 8. Took me a whole day to figure it all out but I guess most people don’t wanna have to learn new things. You can actually just download a third party add on that will make 8 look just like 7 if you don’t like the set up. It puts the start button back at the bottom and boots to the desktop instead of the home screen. Windows doesn’t have a new OS coming out either it’s just their own version of this add on.

Does this have and HDMI out?

I too ,was hesitant about Windows 8,and not just because of the lack of the venerable “start button”…BUT,I have to say, I bought a HP ENVY H8-1414 Refurbished from woot about 3 weeks ago.FIRST thing I did was download and purchase “START 8” from Stardock…although there ARE FREE alternatives,including HP`s own “Fast Start”… and "the free “Classic Shell” among others,START 8 suited me better simply because it LOOKS like it came with Windows 8.I must say,that aside from the "Start Button"issues,Windows 8 is very,very Fast and intuitive…and has put all my other misguided fears to rest.Windows 8.1 is just around the corner and will probably be even better.DO NOT let Windows 8 stop you from buying this pc.!

I was forced into Windows 8 because the computer I wanted had it. No, you can’t just remove Windows 8 and put Windows 7 on the computer. Not easily, anyway. It’s about like putting a different engine in your car. It can be done, but there’s a lot of work involved.
What you can do, as others have mentioned, is make Windows 8 behave ALMOST exactly like Windows 7 with a few simple tweaks. Some of those involve settings in Windows 8, some are installing add-ons that you can download for free from lots of different web sites. HP even provides their own tweak (HP Quick Start) that adds a Win7 style start button to your desktop. You can also create sleep and shutdown buttons on your desktop. The original Windows was a GUI overlay so people wouldn’t have to type DOS commands into a black computer screen. Gates was trying to compete with Apple, which had a GUI already as part of the Mac OS. This was back in the 1980’s. Fast forward thirty years - Apple’s iPhone and subsequent clones trained people to rely on touch screens and one button shortcuts (i.e. "apps). So Windows 8 is another GUI overlay on top of Windows 7 to make your computer act like a big iPad or iPhone. Some people love that, some hate it. I hated it for the first two weeks, then I started to love it after I figured out how to make the Start menu work for me instead of against me.
The other thing I found out is that there’s an improved version of Windows 7 hiding under Windows 8. I have not been able to find a single piece of hardware or software designed for Windows 7 that won’t work with Windows 8. Even the stuff that the manufacturer says won’t work with Windows 8, probably will. I also discovered that Windows 8 is much faster at certain tasks than Windows 7, it uses the computer resources (processor, RAM, disk) more efficiently, and it gives you more control over the inner workings of the computer.
So if you’re a Windows 8 hater like I was, do your homework and give it a chance. You will probably end up liking it.
Correction - Windows 7 antivirus software won’t work with Windows 8. But you don’t need any, because Windows 8 already has antivirus and firewall integrated into it.

Usually these HP deals say that they are eligible for a third party extended warranty (the name escapes me), but this one doesn’t. I’ve had so many hardware failures on my computers that I wouldn’t want to buy w/o a three year warranty. Plus, this has an abysmal video card. Still, I think I’d buy it if it was eligible for the warranty. Woot?

For the price, I think this is a pretty good computer. I don’t consider Windows 8 to be the problem, if you have a problem with deciding to buy. The problems are a mediocre processor (about half the performance of a high end i7) and low rent graphics. You can add a graphics card but you are stuck with the processor. But you’re not paying $600 or $700 either. For the three hundred bucks you’ve saved, you can buy a graphics card, an external USB 3.0 HDD, and a nice monitor. Then you have a damn nice system for $650.

To be clear, the graphics on this rig are from the Trinity APU, no physical graphics card.

For those that want windows 7. All you need to do is buy the windows 7 and install it. I did that for my lenovo that came with windows 8. You should be able to get all the drivers from HP’s web site.

According to the Specs, there’s no HDMI. It has the following:


That’s kind of weird. I thought all PCs these days have HDMI out.

I think that many of the people that “hate” Windows 8 are those that tend to resist change because something is different. I was hesitant about Windows 8 because of the many so called customer reviews that I read condemning it. However, I still decided to buy an HP Envy with it from Woot a few weeks ago. When I first booted up the computer, I thought that I had made a mistake. That changed after glancing through the owner’s manual, and using it for a day. As several others have pointed out, it has many advantages over 7, and if its appearance really bothers you, it can be made to look similar to 7. I am happy with Windows 8, and am glad that the HP computer that I bought had it. Improvement involves change. Personally, I think that 8 is an improvement over 7. A person that doesn’t want to invest a little time for this, would probably be better off with 7.

You will need to format the computer to install windows 8 but that is really not that hard.

So to connect 2 monitors, you have to use 1 with VGA and 1 with DVI port? Is there any other way to connect both monitors with the same DVI port? I have a monitor that has a bad VGA port.

I saw a mod’s comment yesterday that Woot’s SquareTrade widget is broken, so no direct link from sale pages to get an extended warranty. But you can still go directly to the square trade site to get one. Search online and you’re likely to find a coupon as well.

That said – you’ll have to decide if it’s really worth it. I bought a refurbed HP desktop here a few years ago, and it stopped working a few weeks after the warranty ended. I was thrilled to learn that by having purchased it with my Amex card, I had doubled my warranty. If you subscribe to the theory that problems will manifest themselves in the first six months of use, you might want to factor that in to your decision whether to buy the warranty.