HP Quad-Core Desktop with 2TB HD


HP Quad-Core Desktop with 2TB HD
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Let’s learn a little about the processor[youtube=YQn19kV8p4k][/youtube]


Let’s learn all about USB 3.0

Does anyone know (with certainty) if this drives two monitors through the VGA and DVI ports? The HP specs do not state this for the Richmond processor systems, as they did for the previous Trinity processor systems.

Everything is pretty much average about this desktop computer. And it’s pretty good for the price. The CPU has a passmark of 4542, which is around i5 territory (although some i7’s rate even lower), so it’s no speed demon. And the DVD drive appears average as well, or even less than average. I can’t be sure but I don’t think it plays Blu-Rays, or does LightScribe or LabelFlash (which are admittedly, failed technologies and rarely used. In fact, LightScribe’s inventor, HP, removed it from their site in Jan 2014). There is one standout though: A huge 2 TB drive running at 7200rpm. Some desktops use a slower 5400 rpm drive to save energy and lessen noise.

All in all, a decent desktop at a decent price for those with basic needs. You can get a similarly rated laptop for around the same price – or arguably less, if you consider that this desktop doesn’t come with a monitor. If you already have a monitor, of course, then it becomes irrelevant. If you plan on upgrading or have special needs, only a desktop will allow you to swap and install cards. Given their flexibility and upgradability, desktops arguably offer more years of use than laptops.

I bought this same computer from Woot a few weeks ago for the same price, and it was WELL worth it. Super fast and easy to hook up and get started. It took me some time to get used to Windows 8, but I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Integrated video would suggest that multiple monitors would not be efficient,but possible. It does have a slot for pcie 16 which would except a video card. Power supply is bare minimum and I am guessing is at maximum usage with the current set up. The processor seems adequate and 8 gigs of memory is OK. I personally dislike windows 8 and this is not a plus. 64 bit is mandatory to utilize all memory so that is obviously a plus. If you are technical in any way, buy your own parts and put them together and build a kick *** system for a very good price. And get windows 7 before it is not available.

Exactly what I needed for my daughters B-Day which is April 3rd. Thanx!!!

question: i assume if i want to add a video card (probably mid-tier at best*), i will need to up the PSU, right?

*games i play do not tend to be graphically demanding - football manager and civilization are probably the most “demanding” graphically. so i don’t think i would need to go actual high end for those.

good info. thanks for this. :slight_smile:

You’re evaluating a computer and the second thing you look at and comment on is the dvd drive? Really? I’d be more concerned with the ram and the fact that the video card is integrated. And LightScribe is not a failed technology, albeit a fading one. And as for the info that you could get a laptop for around the same price as this I’m going to assume people know whether or not they want a computer for home or for portability…

Ha! “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” You might Google “pahero.” :wink:

These specs should feel nicely snappy for typical home use (no comment on gaming since I don’t game) and should yield many years of satisfying use assuming it was properly manufacturer refurbed.

And it is well-priced. I wouldn’t hesitate if we were lucking for a respectable mainstream desktop at less than $500

Anyone know whether the MB has RAID support?

@wildebeest, you might be pushing this config past its original intent. It is more like a horse, not a ‘beast’.

On Feb 20 I Bought the HP Pavilion 500-056 from woot for a family member for $329 similar to this, but today’s has a 2Tb drive instead of 1TB. Actually sdc100 was pretty much on the mark. He could have included that they have 8 gb of RAM which for the vast majority of users is more than enough. The videocard is not integrated in the motherboard, it’s part of the APU. Even though it’s not a distinct card the performance of the HD 8570D is pretty decent it scores 665 in G3D mark which is better than a Geforce GT240 distinct card which rates at 643. Is this a gaming computer- not really, but it can do some low to moderate gaming. All in all it’s a very good computer for the price that can’t be built (with a legitimate OS) for that money. The 2 things that annoy me about this computer is 1) HP should have included HDMI out on the motherboard, because as configured this makes an ideal mediacenter 2) It’s running windows 8. Even though everyone has a workaround for windows 8 (and I can deal with that), the bottom line is that it does not include mediacenter - and that requires another $100 which is ridiculous. Mediacenter is plug and play for all kinds of cable cards (network and pci) and works far better (when using those externals) than myth TV, XBMC… There is a plugin called media browser for mediacenter that gives you all those same cool enhancements as the others.

Bottom line is for an everyday computer, that can also do some gaming, picture and video processing along with your office, general surfing,etc. This is a nice buy. Windows 8 is pretty snappy on it, although I use iobit start menu 8 (free) to get my desktop back to windows 7 functionality.

Can anyone tell me how many watts this pulls while idle / under load?

Does anyone know if it will run dual monitors?

I second that question about dual monitors.