HP Quad-Core Desktop with 2TB HD

It should support dual monitor set-up. In addition, this gets an average of 4.5/5 stars based on 430 reviews at Best Buy:
Multidisplay capability
VGA (D-sub) and DVI-D connections allow you to use a 2nd monitor for additional workspace (monitors not included).


I’m considering pulling the trigger on this one but I’ve never bought a computer refurb. Would the more experienced and knowledgeable about this recommend the Square Trade warranty if I purchase this?

thanks for the info

The max TDP of the processor is 65 watts. So maxed out, I bet the whole thing would still be less than 100 watts. HD, and motherboards do not consume that much power. As far as it being on and idling with background process only & low intensive programs (but NOT sleeping) I would GUESS about 60 watts.

Square Trade warranties are great. They are appropriately priced and have great coverage. I have purchased them for cell phones and a laptop. Having said that- I would not recommend a warranty in this situation. Towers are easy to work on, and a 90 day warranty is plenty. You are best off by having a family member/friend set the computer up for you (do all the updates, take off the crapware…), run some programs, check the integrity of the HD. If this checks out, it’s rare that extending the warranty by 9 months is going to catch anything that would not break within the first 3 months under normal use.

Solid advice:

re: dual monitors

I have P7-1414, a year older but almost identical to this, and it does dual monitor like a champ. I mostly ran Netflix on a tv with the VGA out while computerin’ on a DVI monitor.

I’ve purchased 3 similar HP refurbished units - slightly older Win-7 models like the P6-2113w - that are all great machines. In fact, I’ve never in 30 years purchased a ‘new’ PC - factory refurbished are just a much better deal. Never had any significant issue with one (knock on wood) and sold them used for a good return. I’ve used the AMD on-board graphics with dual monitors and it works quite well - details on HP support site for this model:


It’s easy to add wifi or upgrade the graphics with the internal expansion slots - I upgraded one with an nVidia GT-635 card for my son-in-law; very simple and does decent mid-level gaming without any other modifications necessary. However, this is NOT a gaming computer - but I use one as an HTPC and am quite pleased. The digital audio out works great through my AV receiver and a DVI to HDMI cable works perfect with my Panasonic plasma set. Does streaming video, light gaming, browsing, etc. without any issue. There are 4 SATA connectors on the motherboard, but there’s not really any accommodation for expansion drives in the case. It’s still based on the HP Jasmine motherboard, which has been tried and true - very reliable. Complete specs on HP:


DOes this come with a single 8 Gig Ram or is it a dual 4 gigs in there…?

Based on the specs, you can use two monitors with this PC. I plan to use two 27" monitors with it.

I have a USB3 to HDMI adapter. My second monitor works great off this.

I must have gotten a lemon. I bought this computer last month and it died within a day, refusing to even POST. These things happen though and Woot is taking care of me.

Bought this computer last year. Love it. I just use it as a computer and a little mid/low end gaming. It runs fine. Mine was a refurb too. No problems. Never had Windows 7 so Win 8 was not a huge boogie man for me. This boots up and I’m on Internet Explorer in about 20 seconds from the time I push the button. Someone mentioned something about the DVD drive? Don’t know if I’ve used it more than 3 or 4 times. Nice ports on the front for USB and SD cards.
SO GLAD I pulled the trigger on this when I did, I was watching for a good deal for months when this HP came along.

There’s nothing definitive on the HP site regarding this spec, but all the refurbished units I’ve seen with this motherboard come with 2 each 4-GB modules installed. There are 4 slots total supporting up to 32-GB, so you could still expand up to 24-GB without replacing the existing modules.

I think the one at newegg ends up being $5 less after the free shipping and no tax? It seems almost identical to me but I can tell the one on newegg might have 4 usb3s and 2 usb2s They use a different way to describe the product number but I think they are almost the same. Having trouble looking on the HP site.

Anyone know whether the MB has RAID support?