HP Quad-Core Desktop with 2TB HD

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HP Quad-Core Desktop with 2TB HD
Price: $369.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Let’s learn a little about the processor[youtube=YQn19kV8p4k][/youtube]


Let’s learn all about USB 3.0

How does this compare to a dell xps 8700 with a 4th gen i7? I know the dell is better but alot better?

Can anyone characterize the “integrated DX11” graphics? How would this be for HD video? Gaming at any level? This is on a lot of the AMD-based machines here lately. Thanks…

No open gl

Does the power supply have the connections to add 2 additional SATA hard drives? Or is the power supply even powerful enough to handle 3 hard drives?

Previous Woot


Since there are no available drive bays, where will you put those additional drives?

According to the specs I saw about this computer; it only has a 300 Watt Power Supply, the audio and video is integrated in the mother board, and the power cable just accesses the card reader, DVD burner and SATA hard drive. 300 Watts would not be enough to power a gaming graphics card. What good is having the PCI-E slots if no power. Good Luck

I spend most of my computer time watching streaming video (Hulu and Amazon). My idea of gaming is playing Bejeweled. I also do a lot of reading and a bit of simple graphics work. Would this be a good buy for someone like me?

Yes, all you need is a monitor; you would be all set.

The monitor I’ve got. Thanks for your help.

I’m currently using DSL. Is that compatible with the 10/100/1000 GB Ethernet card?

(Sorry for the stupid questions. It’s been years since I bought a new PC. The demise of XP support is forcing my hand.)

There’s no compatibility issue. If your ISP provided you with a CD to set up your account, you’ll probably need it. This PC also has built in wifi so if you have a wireless router you can use that to connect.

The integrated graphics is a Radeon HD 8570D. See more info here - http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-A8-Series%20A8-6500%20-%20AD6500OKA44HL.html

Bottom line - Its a normal deal, nor amazing but not a rip off. Cheap shipping helps. The Video card will do light gaming, AKA The SIMS, Facebook games, ect ect. Plug in a monitor and you can connect to Wifi or any network cable. This is a home use/office computer.

It depends on price, a performance to Value ratio. What are the specs/price of the XPS 8700?

I bought the 500-054 on woot to replace my aging custom built rig. I turned out to strongly dislike the Win8 especially since it would cost an additional $110 to add Windows Media Center and you couldnt even do that since Microsoft is out of upgrade codes… So I put Win7. Let me tell you- its a dangerous gamble. HP DOES NOT SUPPORT drivers at all for any software less than what is shipped with the unit. I was able to source my drivers but it was a task.

Just a word of warning to the other Win8 haters out there that might be considering this and putting Win7 on it.

HP support is useless anyways and the majority looking at these likely already slicked WIN8 and loaded Win7 on everything they own. Win8 was designed mainly for touchscreens technology which wasn’t as big a hit as thought and ended up being as lousy as Vista. Microsoft is planning to launch WIN9 in April 2015 as a replacement.