HP Quad-Core Desktop

all it’s missing is usb 3.0 ports

Hmm…an unannounced, no flashy lights woot-off on sellout?

I guess the sellout monkeys got jealous of all the other woots stealing the glory? The MBP was sat on sold out for ~6hrs…

“8GB DDR3 memory – For multitasking power, expandable to 8GB”

Impressive memory upgrade capability

I can’t recommend purchasing HP refurbs. I picked up a well-spec’d one from woot at the beginning of the summer and it took about 5 months and countless hours on the phone for HP to finally acknowledge that there was a hardware problem. Eventually they replaced the motherboard. Huge headache.

The powers that be have let us know that this will be up for the rest of the day. So you have time to compare and contrast with other machines and decide!

Aw, woot. You used to be above this sort of thing. Way to erode the brand.

Another 300 watt power supply.

I have a parts machine with a 650 watt power source and a Geforce GTX 550 TI. If I bought this and machine and added these parts, would it make a halfway decent gaming machine? I’m all about fallen earth these days and it sucks on my old-fashioned wind up computer.

Yeah, your bottle-neck would be the processor though. You could probably kick 60-ish FPS out of WoW on Medium if that gives you a frame of reference…

We got about a half-dozen of these to fit out the lab…saved us thousands and all but one have been working beautifully from day one. We had one bad MB - 20 minutes on the phone and HP sent a prepaid pickup box and had it back in a few days working perfectly. I put a low-end radeon card in a few for dual displays and no complaints from the power supply (typing on one right now).

All good things in life should be this cheap, easy and fast.

Is this 32-bit or 64-bit?

Sorry about your experience. I have always gotten referb’s from Woot and HP. Never had a problem. Some kind of a lemon issue! Sorry for your trouble.

64 bit. Other then looking up the processor, the only place it is mention was in the specs where they included Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit as the operating system.

Seems to be a lower end system. It has a lot less going for it then previous systems I have purchased. It does have a little more memory then mine, but a smaller hard disk. This is not a gaming system though it will play some games.

It has 5.1 audio, yet the ports on the back will only support 2.0 audio. No Digital Audio output either. I guess you could add the cables to correct this.

Not as fast as either my Athlon or Phenom systems I have that cost less then this. They both supported 5.1 audio out of the box.

HP full system specifications.

HP Motherboard specifications.

CPU Benchmark for this processor.

For a lot of people this is still a good system, it just depends on what your needs are.

I would propose that 1 out of 6 failure rate isn’t all that good…

My first phone call, even with detailed systems logs ready to read to the tech support, consisted of 45 minutes of tech support telling me to run this other test and that other test, and do an OS reinstall… I had literally taken the computer out of the box that same day and he made me reinstall the OS.

All I wanted was for them to send me a box and replace it. Was ridiculous what I had to go through to finally get that. Meanwhile all my engineering coworkers gave me a constant string of “Oh, HP refurb? Well, what did you expect, that stuff is known for having problems!”

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

No not really. This CPU is an AMD APU; APUs can be great because they have the cpu and gpu on the same chip, and offer really great integrated graphics.

Adding a discrete gpu makes the integrated one completely useless, and you’ll be left with a very poor cpu.

You’ll be much better off getting an i3 (or maybe FX-4100) PC and adding your psu and gpu to instead of this.

you can do much better then that you will be disappointed if you try to game with this processor i would do a diy pc build if i were you. here is a list of parts i came up with using 380$ as a budget
Brand new ivy bridge I3 $120
1tb 7200rpm hitachi hard drive $70
G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 $40
ASRock micro atx mother board $55
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832116986&name=Operating-Systems windows home premium oem version $100
those parts and the windows license total up to 383.96 and when combined with your gtx 550 ti, power suppy,and case will give you a nice entry level gaming machine. That I3 is power full enought to keep up with today’s midrange graphics cards so you can simply drop in a better graphics card is a year or to for an easy upgrade. Plus the mother board has usb 3.0.